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  1. Fix support for user mode emulation when using cmake/lit.

    When using user mode emulation, i.e. cross-compiling programs for a
    different target and running them on a host under qemu user mode
    emulation, timeit and fpcmp should have host versions, not target

    Running under user mode emulation had been broken for a while,
    presumably since

    I first tried an alternative approach where fpcmp would be run under qemu user
    mode emulation too.  That in itself worked, but if going for that approach, for
    orthogonality reasons, we probably should also run the other helper programs as
    if they were running on the target, i.e. also under qemu user mode emulation.
    I ran into issues with running timeit under qemu user mode emulation and also
    running under user mode emulation doesn't seem trivial.

    In the end, it seemed better to me to explicitly add a cmake option to mark
    that we're running under qemu user mode emulation, and in that mode, only aim
    to run the test/benchmark under qemu user mode emulation, rather than also all
    the helper programs (such as fpcmp, timeit, under it (which is
    what would be needed if we just kept on using only the RUN_UNDER option for
    qemu user mode emulation.

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by kbeyls

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