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  1. [Aarch64][SVE] Add intrinsics for gather loads (vector + imm) (detail)
  2. [lldb] Use llvm range functions in LineTable.cpp (detail)
  3. [lldb] Remove unneeded semicolon in IOHandlerCursesGUI (detail)
  4. [SelectionDAG] Reoder ViewXXXDAGs declarations to match execution order. (detail)
  5. [AArch64] Fix over-eager fusing of NEON SIMD MUL/ADD (detail)
  6. [lldb/Reproducer] Add version check (detail)
  7. [OpenCL] Use generic addr space for lambda call operator (detail)
  8. [EditLine] Fix RecallHistory to make it go in the right direction. (detail)
  9. [SYCL] Add sycl_kernel attribute for accelerated code outlining (detail)
  10. [SLP] Enhance SLPVectorizer to vectorize different combinations of (detail)
  11. [scudo][standalone] Add chunk ownership function (detail)

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