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  1. [MachineScheduler][NFC] Don't swap when we can't cluster (detail / githubweb)
  2. lldb: Run and on (detail / githubweb)
  3. [libc++] Make SFINAE'd member functions in string mutually exclusive. (detail / githubweb)
  4. [libc++] Explicitly mark basic_string<...>::npos with default (detail / githubweb)
  5. [libc++] Explicitly enumerate std::string external instantiations - (detail / githubweb)
  6. [BasicBlock] add helper getPostdominatingDeoptimizeCall (detail / githubweb)
  7. DWARF: Simplify the way the return PC is attached to call site tags, NFC (detail / githubweb)
  8. [test] Move call-site-entry-linking.test into test/tools/dsymutil/X86 (detail / githubweb)
  9. [libc++] Optimize basic_string::operator=(const basic_string&) for SSO (detail / githubweb)
  10. [libc++] Fix parsing <string> in C++03. (detail / githubweb)
  11. Revert "[OPENMP]Do not use RTTI by default for NVPTX devices." (detail / githubweb)
  1. lldb-sanitized: Move MAX_PARALLEL_TESTS initialization to a place where (detail / githubweb)

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