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  1. [RISCV] Support z and i operand modifiers

    Differential Revision:
    Patch by James Clarke. (detail)
    by asb
  2. Make forward_list::remove/remove_if/unique all return void before C++20; undoes that bit of D58332. Thanks to Mikhail Maltsev for pointing this out (detail)
    by marshall
  3. [clangd] Avoid slow ostreams in URI conversion.

    This speeds up some hot paths significantly (e.g.  dex::generateProximityURIs
    by a third or so) (detail)
    by sammccall
  4. [clangd] Encapsulate fields in dex token. NFC (detail)
    by sammccall
  5. [X86] Add MOVSDrr->MOVLPDrm entry to load folding table. Add custom handling to turn UNPCKLPDrr->MOVHPDrm when load is under aligned.

    If the load is aligned we can turn UNPCKLPDrr into UNPCKLPDrm. (detail)
    by ctopper
  6. [llvm-bcanalyzer] Refactor and move to libLLVMBitReader

    This allows us to use the analyzer from unit tests.

    * Refactor the interface to use proper error handling for most functions
      after JF's work.
    * Move everything into a BitstreamAnalyzer class.
    * Move that to Bitcode/BitcodeAnalyzer.h.

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by thegameg

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