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  1. [buildot] Add myself to the lldb-windows notification list. (detail)

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  1. Add -Wrange-loop-analysis changes to ReleaseNotes (detail)
  2. PR44761: Fix fallback to later tiebreakers if two non-template functions (detail)
  3. PR44721: Don't consider overloaded operators for built-in comparisons (detail)
  4. [Concepts] Add missing CXXThisScope to function template constraint substitution (detail)
  5. PR44786: Don't assert when profiling <=> expressions. (detail)
  6. [mlir] Mark the MLIR tools for installation in CMake (detail)
  7. [AArch64][ARM] Always expand ordered vector reductions (PR44600) (detail)
  8. [ARM] Expand vector reduction intrinsics on soft float (detail)
  9. [ARM][VecReduce] Force expand vector_reduce_fmin (detail)
  10. Update for Clang 10 release notes in order to have reference to D66404. (detail)
  11. [X86] -fpatchable-function-entry=N,0: place patch label after ENDBR{32,64} (detail)
  12. Don't warn about missing declarations for partial template specializations (detail)
  13. [OpenMP][OMPT] fix reduction test for 32-bit x86 (detail)
  14. [LLD] Add release notes for MinGW for the 10.x branch (detail)
  15. [docs] Add LLVM/LLDB release notes for the 10.x branch for things I've done (detail)
  16. [clang] Add release notes for the 10.x branch for things I've done (detail)
  17. [libcxx] Add release notes for the 10.x branch for things I've done (detail)
  18. [TSan] Ensure we can compile the runtime with older SDKs (detail)
  19. Make llvm::crc32() work also for input sizes larger than 32 bits. (detail)
  20. [clangd] Add workaround for GCC5 host compilers. NFC. (detail)
  21. [LLDB] Fix compilation with GCC 5 (detail)
  22. Fix x86 32bits MLIR build (NFC) (detail)
  23. [LV] Fix predication for branches with matching true and false succs. (detail)
  24. [Concepts] Fix incorrect check when instantiating abbreviated template type-constraints (detail)
  25. StringRef.h: __builtin_strlen seems to exist in VS 2017 MSVC 19.16 or later (detail)
  26. Revert "[ARM] Improve codegen of volatile load/store of i64" (detail)
  27. [InstCombine] Fix infinite loop in min/max load/store bitcast combine (PR44835) (detail)
  28. [InstCombine] Add test for -expensive-combines option; NFC (detail)
  29. [InstCombine] Support disabling expensive combines in opt (detail)
  30. [InstCombine] Fix infinite min/max canonicalization loop (PR44541) (detail)
  31. PowerPC release notes (detail)

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