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  1. [clang-format] Fix line lengths w/ comments in align (detail)
  2. [libc] Add memset and bzero implementations (detail)
  3. [clang-format][PR45816] Add AlignConsecutiveBitFields (detail)
  4. [clang-format] [PR33890] Add support for Microsoft C++/CLI non standard for each looping extension (detail)
  5. [clang-format] [PR42164] Add Option to Break before While (detail)
  6. Revert "[IR] Simplify BasicBlock::removePredecessor. NFCI." (detail)
  7. [Analyzer][StreamChecker] Added support for 'fread' and 'fwrite'. (detail)
  8. [mlir] Mark witness related Shape dialect ops as NoSideEffect. (detail)
  9. [mlir] Custom printing/parsing for Shape::AssumingOp (detail)
  10. Revert "Add terminateCommands to lldb-vscode protocol" (detail)
  11. Github access test: remove unnecessary whitespaces. (detail)
  12. [IR] Simplify BasicBlock::removePredecessor. NFCI. (detail)
  13. CommandFlags.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFC. (detail)
  14. SLPVectorizer.h - remove unused CommandLine.h include. NFC (detail)
  15. [lldb-server] Reset stop reason of all threads when resuming (detail)
  16. Use IPv4 for Android connections (detail)
  17. [llvm-readobj][test] - Deduplicate YAMLs in gnuhash.test and hash-table.test. NFCI. (detail)
  18. [PowerPC] Enable machine verification for 3 passes (detail)

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