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  1. [SCEV] Move ScalarEvolutionExpander.cpp to Transforms/Utils (NFC). (detail)
  2. [gold-plugin] Unbreak the build after d9b9ce6c04764275a23cd0cf1856a35aae921af7 (detail)
  3. [gn build] Port bcbd26bfe61 (detail)
  4. [lldb][NFC] Modernize TestCPPStaticMethods (detail)
  5. [yaml2obj] - Implement the "Offset" property for the Fill Chunk. (detail)
  6. Revert "[lldb/test] Move "DataFormatters/Mock.h" to "Plugins/Language/ObjC/Utilities.h"" (detail)
  7. Revert "Silence warnings around int/float conversions." (detail)
  8. Revert "[lldb/test] Disable NSDate format check under _WIN32" (detail)
  9. Revert "[lldb/test] Relax NSDate mock test for non-Apple platforms" (detail)
  10. Revert "[lldb/DataFormatter] Check for overflow when finding NSDate epoch" (detail)
  11. [NFCI][CostModel] Refactor getIntrinsicInstrCost (detail)
  12. [Polly] Update ScalarEvolutionExpander.h include. (detail)
  13. [Target][ARM] Make Low Overhead Loops coexist with VPT blocks. (detail)
  14. [mlir] Add custom assembly formats to shape.witness ops. (detail)
  15. Revert "[lldb-server] Reset stop reason of all threads when resuming" (detail)
  16. [analyzer] Get scan-view executable from environment. (detail)
  17. PseudoSourceValue.h - remove unused operator declaration. NFC. (detail)
  18. PseudoSourceValue.h - reduce GlobalValue.h include to forward declaration. NFC. (detail)
  19. GenericDomTreeConstruction.h - reorder includes. NFC. (detail)
  20. [mlir] NFC: rename tests related to SCF dialect from Loops to SCF (detail)
  21. [clang] FastMathFlags.allowContract should be initialized only from FPFeatures.allowFPContractAcrossStatement (detail)
  22. [lldb][NFC] Minor NamespaceMap refactor (detail)
  23. [AMDGPU] Add the test from D49097. (detail)
  24. DIPrinter.h - reduce unnecessary includes to forward declarations. NFC. (detail)
  25. MachineMemOperand.h - replace Type.h with full GlobalValue.h include to fix -Wundefined-inline warnings. (detail)
  26. [mlir][Linalg] Refactor linalg tiling (detail)

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