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  1. [ObjectYAML][DWARF] Format codes. NFC. (detail)
  2. [MC] Fix PR45805: infinite recursion in assembler (detail)
  3. [AArch64] Emit warning when disassembling unpredictable LDRAA and LDRAB (detail)
  4. [ARM] MVE VCVT lowering for f32->f16 truncs (detail)
  5. LoopAccessAnalysis.h - reduce AliasAnalysis.h include to forward declaration. NFC. (detail)
  6. GlobalsModRef.h - reduce CallGraph.h include to forward declarations. NFC. (detail)
  7. Remove orphan TypeBasedAAResult::PathAliases declaration. NFC. (detail)
  8. Remove orphan AMDGPUAAResult::Aliases and AMDGPUAAResult::PathAliases declarations. NFC. (detail)
  9. [mlir][EDSC] Add divis and diviu and vector.extractelement (detail)
  10. [ARM] Fixup for signed comparison warning. NFC (detail)
  11. [InstCombine] fold fmul/fdiv with fabs operands (detail)
  12. Add `BoolLiteralExpression` to SyntaxTree (detail)

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