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  1. Update Phabricator doc to remove the warning on "arc land": tags a properly handled server side now (detail)
  2. Document the `--verbatim` flag from arc to update the description for a phabricator revision (detail)
  3. [lsan] On Fuchsia, don't use atexit hook for leak checks (detail)
  4. [gn build] Allow option to build with asan/tsan/ubsan (detail)
  5. [mlir][OpFormatGen] Update "custom" directives for attributes. (detail)
  6. [AArch64][SVE] Fix frame offset calculation when d8 is saved. (detail)
  7. Add `breakpoint delete --disabled`: deletes all disabled breakpoints. (detail)
  8. [AMDGPU] Make ds fp atomics overloadable (detail)
  9. [IRSim] Adding IRSimilarityCandidate that contains a region of IRInstructionData. (detail)
  10. [PowerPC][PCRelative] Thread Local Storage Support for Local Dynamic (detail)
  11. asan: Use `#if` to test CAN_SANITIZE_LEAKS (detail)
  12. [scudo][standalone] Fix tests under ASan/UBSan (detail)
  13. Revert "[lsan] On Fuchsia, don't use atexit hook for leak checks" (detail)
  14. [AArch64][SVE] Add lowering for llvm frecpx (detail)
  15. Allow init_priority values <= 100 and > 65535 within system headers. (detail)
  16. [lldb] Normalize paths in new test (detail)
  17. [LoopTerminology][NFC] Fix formatting typo (detail)
  18. Clean up test file, NFC (detail)
  19. [PowerPC] Implement Vector signed/unsigned __int128 overloads for the comparison builtins (detail)
  20. [PowerPC] Implement the 128-bit vec_[all|any]_[eq | ne | lt | gt | le | ge] builtins in Clang/LLVM (detail)
  21. Recommit [NFC] Refactor DiagnosticBuilder and PartialDiagnostic (detail)
  22. [AArch64] Expand some vector of i64 reductions on NEON (detail)
  23. [SelectionDAG][GISel] Make LegalizeDAG lower FNEG using integer ops. (detail)

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