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  1. Explicitly specify CMAKE_AR in WinMsvc.cmake (detail)
  2. Utility: ignore OS version on non-Darwin targets in `ArchSpec` (detail)
  3. [X86] Add TDX instructions. (detail)
  4. [X86] Parse data32 call in .code16 as CALLpcrel32 (detail)
  5. Revert "[NewPM] Add callbacks to PassBuilder to run before/after parsing a pass" (detail)
  6. [AMDGPU] Consider all SGPR uses as unique in constant bus verify (detail)
  7. [NFC] Remove unnecessary default constructors (detail)
  8. [GlobalISel][AMDGPU] Lower G_SMULH/G_UMULH (detail)
  9. [lld-macho] Initial support for common symbols (detail)
  10. [lld-macho] Implement and test resolution of common symbols (detail)
  11. [lld-macho] Emit indirect symbol table (detail)
  12. [lld-macho] Ignore `-mllvm` and its argument (detail)
  13. [lld-macho] Support -weak_lx, -weak_library, -weak_framework (detail)
  14. [lld-macho][NFC] Refactor syslibroot / library path lookup (detail)
  15. [lld-macho][NFC] Make `!= nullptr` implicit (detail)
  16. [IRSim] Adding structural comparison to IRSimilarityCandidate. (detail)
  17. Revert "[IRSim] Adding structural comparison to IRSimilarityCandidate." (detail)
  18. [IRSim] Adding structural comparison to IRSimilarityCandidate. (detail)

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