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  1. Revert "Revert "Add the ability to write target stop-hooks using the ScriptInterpreter."" (detail)
  2. [CodeGen] emit CG profile for COFF object file (detail)
  3. Use "default member initializer" instead of "in-class initializer" for diagnostics. (detail)
  4. [ValueTracking] Early exit known non zero for phis (detail)
  5. [mlir] Support return and call ops in bare-ptr calling convention (detail)
  6. [InstCombine] ease alignment restriction for converting masked load to normal load (detail)
  7. [libc++][ci] Add a script to describe when to trigger libc++ CI builds (detail)
  8. [libc++][ci] Improve the phabricator-report script (detail)
  9. [lldb/docs] Remove manual codesigning documentation (detail)
  10. [libc++][ci] Turn on Phabricator reporting by default (detail)
  11. [trace] Fix destructor declaration (detail)
  12. Fix TODO in the mlir-cpu-runner/bare_ptr_call_conv.mlir test: call ops in bare-ptr calling convention is supported now (NFC) (detail)
  13. [libc++] Fix some test failures in unusual configurations (detail)
  14. [lldb] Hoist --server argument out of LLDB_TEST_COMMON_ARGS (NFC) (detail)
  15. [libc++] Rename the -fno-rtti Lit feature to just no-rtti (detail)
  16. Better diagnostics for anonymous bit-fields with attributes or an initializer. (detail)
  17. Revert "[Sema] Address-space sensitive check for unbounded arrays (v2)" (detail)
  18. [clangd] Trivial setter support when moving items to fields (detail)
  19. [MLIR] Avoid adding debuginfo for a function if it contains calls that has no debug info. (detail)
  20. [ms] [llvm-ml] Add support for .radix directive, and accept all radix specifiers (detail)
  21. [ms] [llvm-ml] Add MASM hex float support (detail)
  22. [ms] [llvm-ml] Add REAL10 support (x87 extended precision) (detail)
  23. [ms] [llvm-ml] Add support for "alias" directive (detail)
  24. [ms] [llvm-ml] Accept whitespace around the dot operator (detail)
  25. [ms] [llvm-ml] Create the @feat.00 symbol, and populate it appropriately (detail)
  26. [SVE] Lower fixed length VECREDUCE_[FMAX|FMIN] to Scalable (detail)
  27. [flang][msvc] Define implicit conversion from UnsignedInt128 to int64_t. (detail)
  28. [flang][msvc] Define access flags under Windows. NFC. (detail)

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