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  1. Extend coroutines to support a "returned continuation" lowering. (detail)
  2. Generalize llvm.coro.suspend.retcon to allow an arbitrary number of (detail)
  3. Guard dumps in the coro intrinsic validation logic behind NDEBUG checks. (detail)
  4. Add intrinsics for doing frame-bound dynamic allocations within a (detail)
  5. Fix a use-after-free in the coro.alloca treatment. (detail)
  6. In coro.retcon lowering, don't explode if the optimizer messes around (detail)
  7. Update for optimizer changes. (detail)
  8. Support swifterror in coroutine lowering. (detail)
  9. Remove unreachable blocks before splitting a coroutine. (detail)
  10. Don't run a full verifier pass in coro-splitting's private pipeline. (detail)
  11. Coroutines: adjust for SVN r358739 (detail)

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