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  1. [mlir] use OpBuilderDAG instead of OpBuilder (details)
  2. [ARM][AArch64] Add VLDN shuffled interleaving tests. NFC (details)
  3. [LoopRotation] Allow loop header duplication if vectorization is forced. (details)
  4. [yaml2obj] - Add a way to override the sh_addralign field of a section. (details)
  5. [lldb][NFC] Rewrite TestQuoting (details)
  6. [AMDGPU] Use DPP instead of Ext in a couple of class names. NFC. (details)
  7. [llvm/DebugInfo] Simplify DW_OP_implicit_value condition (NFC) (details)
  8. [llvm-readelf] - Implement --section-details option. (details)
  9. [clang][Basic] Integrate SourceLocation with FoldingSet, NFCI (details)
  10. [clangd] Separate final_result into a different message (details)

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