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  1. [Attributor][NFC] Improve time trace output (details)
  2. [Attributor][FIX] Properly check uses in the call not uses of the call (details)
  3. [Attributor][NFC] Hoist call out of a lambda (details)
  4. [Attributor][NFC] Clang-format (details)
  5. [Attributor][FIX] Do not attach range metadata to the wrong Instruction (details)
  6. [Attributor][FIX] Delete all unreachable static functions (details)
  7. [Attributor][NFC] Print the right value in debug output (details)
  8. [Attributor][NFC] Introduce a debug counter for `AA::manifest` (details)
  9. [Attributor] Finalize the CGUpdater after each SCC (details)

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