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  1. Revert "Reland [AArch64][MachineOutliner] Return address signing for (detail)
  2. [lldb/Reproducers] Override capture with LLDB_CAPTURE_REPRODUCER env var (detail)
  3. [lldb/Reproducers] Propagate LLDB_CAPTURE_REPRODUCER to the test suite (detail)
  4. [clangd] NFC, add getLangOpts helper to ParsedAST (detail)
  5. [clangd]  Add a tweak refactoring to wrap Objective-C string literals in (detail)
  6. gn build: Merge 27f12444575 (detail)
  7. [clang][IFS] Ignoring -Xlinker/-Xclang arguments in InterfaceStubs pass (detail)
  8. [GlobalISel] Fix compiler crash lowering G_LOAD in AArch64. (detail)
  9. Reland [AArch64][MachineOutliner] Return address signing for outlined (detail)
  10. [lldb/Reproducers] Add missing instrumentation for SBFile (detail)
  11. Clear out the python class name in OptionParsingStarted for the (detail)

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