1. When reading Aux file in chunks, read consecutive byte ranges (details)
Commit 02113918ed6b5e514afd7d1e007131d36ac13f1d by Jason Molenda
When reading Aux file in chunks, read consecutive byte ranges
qemu has a very small maximum packet size (4096) and it actually only
uses half of that buffer for some implementation reason, so when lldb
asks for the register target definitions, the x86_64 definition is
larger than 4096/2 and we need to fetch it in two parts.
This patch and test is fixing a bug in
GDBRemoteCommunicationClient::ReadExtFeature when reading a target file
in multiple parts.  lldb was assuming that it would always get back the
maximum packet size response (4096) instead of using the actual size
received and asking for the next group of bytes.
We now have two tests in gdb_remote_client for unique features of qemu - would test the ability of lldb to follow
multiple levels of xml includes; I opted to create a separate test to test this wrinkle in qemu's gdb
remote serial protocol stub implementation. Instead of combining both
tests into a single test file.
The file was addedlldb/packages/Python/lldbsuite/test/functionalities/gdb_remote_client/
The file was modifiedlldb/source/Plugins/Process/gdb-remote/GDBRemoteCommunicationClient.cpp