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  1. Revert Fix a build bot failure and multiple warnings instances for range (detail)
  2. Revert Even more warnings utilizing gsl::Owner/gsl::Pointer annotations (detail)
  3. [Docs][llvm-strip] Add help text to llvm-strip rst doc (detail)
  4. [libomptarget] Remove duplicate RTLRequiresFlags per device (detail)
  5. gn build: Merge r368358. (detail)
  6. gn build: Merge r368392. (detail)
  7. gn build: Merge r368402. (detail)
  8. gn build: Merge r368439. (detail)
  9. gn build: Merge r368432. (detail)
  10. CodeGen: ensure 8-byte aligned String Swift CF ABI (detail)
  11. Revert "[asan_symbolize] Fix bug where the frame counter was not (detail)
  12. [Docs][llvm-strip] Fix an indentation issue. (detail)
  13. Update test to explicity test with -fintegrated-as and (detail)
  14. Don't diagnose errors when a file matches an include component (detail)
  15. [sanitizers] MSVC warning disable for clean build     - (detail)
  16. [MC] Don't recreate a label if it's already used (detail)
  17. [CodeGen] Require a name for a block addr target (detail)
  18. [X86] Remove custom handling for extloads from LowerLoad. (detail)
  19. Fix compilation after SVN r368476 (detail)
  20. Revert "[sanitizers] MSVC warning disable for clean build" and follow-up (detail)
  21. [clangd] Give absolute path to clang-tidy and include-fixer. HintPath (detail)
  22. Test commit. (detail)

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