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  1. [MIPS GlobalISel] Skip copies in addUseDef and addDefUses

    Skip copies between virtual registers during search for UseDefs
    and DefUses.
    Since each operand has one def search for UseDefs is straightforward.
    But since operand can have many uses, we have to check all uses of
    each copy we traverse during search for DefUses.

    Differential Revision: (detail/ViewSVN)
    by petar.avramovic
  2. [MIPS GlobalISel] RegBankSelect for chains of ambiguous instructions

    When one of the uses/defs of ambiguous instruction is also ambiguous
    visit it recursively and search its uses/defs for instruction with
    only one mapping available.
    When all instruction in a chain are ambiguous arbitrary mapping can
    be selected. For s64 operands in ambiguous chain fprb is selected since
    it results in less instructions then having to narrow scalar s64 to s32.
    For s32 both gprb and fprb result in same number of instructions and
    gprb is selected like a general purpose option.

    At the moment we always avoid cross register bank copies.
    TODO: Implement a model for costs calculations of different mappings
    on same instruction and cross bank copies. Allow cross bank copies
    when appropriate according to cost model.

    Differential Revision: (detail/ViewSVN)
    by petar.avramovic
  3. Revert Recommit "[CommandLine] Remove OptionCategory and SubCommand caches from the Option class."

    This reverts r365675 (git commit 43d75f977853c3ec891a440c362b2df183a211b5)

    The patch causes a crash in SupportTests (CommandLineTest.AliasesWithArguments). (detail/ViewSVN)
    by hokein
  4. Remove some redundant code from r290372 and improve a comment. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by foad

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