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  1. [ELF][test] Make tests more tolerant to exact symbol addresses (detail / githubweb)
  2. [Attributor][Fix] Manifest nocapture only in CSArgument or Argument (detail / githubweb)
  3. [Attributor] Implement "noalias" callsite argument deduction (detail / githubweb)
  4. [llvm-objcopy] Simplify --prefix-alloc-sections (detail / githubweb)
  5. [TLI][AMDGPU] AMDPAL does not have library functions (detail / githubweb)
  6. [LTO] Avoid calling GlobalValue::getGUID (MD5) twice (detail / githubweb)
  7. [NFC][ARM] Add and modify tests (detail / githubweb)
  8. [LoopInterchange] Properly move condition, induction increment and ops (detail / githubweb)
  9. [LLDB] Do not try to canonicalize gethostname() result (detail / githubweb)

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