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  1. Fix for stringized function-macro args continued across lines (detail)
  2. [Consumed] Treat by-value class arguments as consuming by default, like (detail)
  3. MachineScheduler: Fix missing dependency with multiple subreg defs (detail)
  4. [NFCI] Always initialize const members of AttributeCommonInfo (detail)
  5. Revert "Fix swig python package path" (detail)
  6. [X86] Remove the special isBuildVectorOfConstantSDNodes handling from (detail)
  7. Use getTargetConstant for BLENDI, and add a test to catch it. (detail)
  8. llvm-undname: Delete an empty, unused method. (detail)
  9. Finish building the full-expression for a static_assert expression (detail)
  10. [Object] Uncapitalize an error message (detail)
  11. [llvm-ar] Removes repetition in the error message (detail)
  12. [X86] Use timm in MMX pinsrw/pextrw isel patterns. Add missing test (detail)
  13. [llvm-readobj] flush output before crash (detail)
  14. [X86] Convert tbm_bextri_u32/tbm_bextri_u64 intrinsics TargetConstant (detail)
  15. Reapply [llvm-ar] Include a line number when failing to parse an MRI (detail)
  16. [CallSiteSplitting] Remove unused includes (NFC). (detail)
  17. [MachinePipeliner] Improve the TargetInstrInfo API (detail)
  18. [yaml2obj/obj2yaml] - Do not trigger llvm_unreachable when (detail)
  19. [llvm-dwarfdump] Adjust Windows path to be acceptable by JSON (detail)

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