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  1. [clang] prevent crash for nonnull attribut in constant context (Bug (detail)
  2. [update_cc_test_checks] Support 'clang | opt | FileCheck' (detail)
  3. Recommit "[Clang] Pragma vectorize_width() implies vectorize(enable)" (detail)
  4. [lldb][NFC] Use unique_ptr in DiagnosticManager to express ownership (detail)
  5. Improve error message for bad SHF_MERGE sections (detail)
  6. [LLD] [MinGW] Add a testcase for -l:name style library options. NFC. (detail)
  7. [LLD] [MinGW] Look for other library patterns with -l (detail)
  8. [UBSan][clang][compiler-rt] Applying non-zero offset to nullptr is (detail)
  9. Remove rest of time-trace message as it is inconsistent style (detail)
  10. Use error instead of fatal to report usage errors (detail)
  11. [UBSan] Revisit nullptr-and-nonzero-offset-variable.cpp test to (detail)
  12. s/@expectedFailure/@expectedFailureAll in TestFileHandle (detail)
  13. [IfCvt][ARM] Optimise diamond if-conversion for code size (detail)
  14. [UBSan] Split nullptr-and-nonzero-offset-variable.cpp into C and C++ (detail)
  15. [lldb][NFC] Use llvm::all_of instead of std::all_of in (detail)
  16. Revert "[ASan] Do not misrepresent high value address dereferences as (detail)
  17. [UBSan] Split nullptr-and-nonzero-offset-variable.c in another direction (detail)
  18. [lldb] Fix out of bounds read in DataExtractor::GetCStr and add unit (detail)
  19. [lldb][NFC] Remove strange bool parameter from Searcher::SearchCallback (detail)
  20. [COFF] Wrap definitions in namespace lld { namespace coff {. NFC (detail)
  21. [Sanitizers] Porting getrandom/getentropy interceptors to FreeBSD (detail)
  22. [UBSan] Appease linter (detail)
  23. [test] Use system locale for mri-utf8.test (detail)
  24. [Mips] Fix 374055 (detail)
  25. Fix sanitizer lint check after r374315 (detail)
  26. relax exception type checks (detail)
  27. Revert "Use -fdebug-compilation-dir to form absolute paths in coverage (detail)
  28. [Windows] Introduce a switch for the `lldb-server` mode on Windows (detail)
  29. Fix -Wparentheses warning. NFCI. (detail)
  30. [ADR] ArrayRefTest: disable SizeTSizedOperations test - it's UB. (detail)
  31. [AST] ASTReader::ReadSLocEntry(): move computation of FirstDecl into the (detail)
  32. [lld] getErrPlace(): don't perform arithmetics on maybe-null pointer (detail)
  33. [Alignment][NFC] Make VectorUtils uas llvm::Align (detail)
  34. File: Handle more cases in GetOptionsFromMode (detail)
  35. Make nullptr check more robust (detail)
  36. [Sanitizers] Fix getrandom test (detail)
  37. [AArch64][x86] add tests for (v)select bit magic; NFC (detail)
  38. [lldb] Make sure import-std-module/sysroot actually passes for the right (detail)
  39. [ARM] VQADD instructions (detail)
  40. MinidumpYAML: Add support for the memory info list stream (detail)
  41. [LV][NFC] Factor out calculation of "best" estimated trip count. (detail)
  42. [FileCheck] Implement --ignore-case option. (detail)
  43. [DAGCombine] Match more patterns for half word bswap (detail)
  44. Fix some dangling else warnings (detail)
  45. Fix the unwinding plan augmentation from x86 assembly (detail)
  46. [Tests] Output of od can be lower or upper case (llvm-objcopy/yaml2obj). (detail)
  47. [llvm-readelf] - Do not enter an infinite loop when printing histogram. (detail)
  48. [DAG][X86] Add isNegatibleForFree/GetNegatedExpression override (detail)
  49. Fix OCaml/ fneg check (detail)
  50. Revert "[AMDGPU] Run `unreachable-mbb-elimination` after isel to clean (detail)
  51. Revert "[test] Use system locale for mri-utf8.test" (detail)
  52. [lldb] Add log output for the support files we pass to the (detail)
  53. [X86] combineFMADDSUB - Convert to use (detail)
  54. [lldb] Fix minidebuginfo-set-and-hit-breakpoint.test (detail)
  55. unwind-via-stack-win.yaml: update for changes in yaml format (detail)
  56. Revert "[IRBuilder] Update IRBuilder::CreateFNeg(...) to return a (detail)
  57. Fix OCaml/ fneg check (try 2) (detail)
  58. [X86] combineFMA - Convert to use (detail)
  59. Revert "Fix OCaml/ fneg check" (detail)
  60. Revert "[Tests] Output of od can be lower or upper case (detail)
  61. Revert "[FileCheck] Implement --ignore-case option." (detail)
  62. [MCA] Show aggregate over Average Wait times for the whole snippet (detail)
  63. [LLD][ELF] Fix stale comments about doing ICF (detail)
  64. [OPENMP50]Register vendor name only once in vendor context selector. (detail)
  65. Fix Wdocumentation warnings. NFCI. (detail)
  66. [AMDGPU] Fixed dpp_combine.mir with expensive checks. NFC. (detail)
  67. In openFileForRead don't cache erroneous entries if the error relates to (detail)
  68. [BPF] Remove relocation for patchable externs (detail)
  69. [Alignment][NFC] Use llv::Align in GISelKnownBits (detail)
  70. [DAGCombiner] reduce code duplication; NFC (detail)
  71. Increase timeout in to decrease chance of test failing (detail)
  72. Fix assertions disabled builds after rL374367 (detail)
  73. [Codegen] Alter the default promotion for saturating adds and subs (detail)
  74. Use arrays on stack and avoid use of new and delete operators. (detail)
  75. Increase timeout in pexpect to lower chances of tests failing under (detail)
  76. [ARM] VQSUB instruction (detail)
  77. [dsymutil] Move CommonSymbols.clear() in resetParserState. (detail)
  78. Add GsymCreator and GsymReader. (detail)
  79. [test] Trim the symbtab test case (NFC) (detail)
  80. gn build: Merge r374381 (detail)
  81. Reland "[ASan] Do not misrepresent high value address dereferences as (detail)
  82. [test] Pass DSYMUTIL and SDKROOT as part of the Make invocation. (detail)
  83. [test] Use a different module cache for Shell and API tests. (detail)
  84. [OPENMP50]Support for declare variant directive for NVPTX target. (detail)
  85. [lit] Make internal diff work in pipelines (detail)
  86. [lit] Clean up internal diff's encoding handling (detail)
  87. [lit] Extend internal diff to support `-` argument (detail)
  88. gn build: merge r374381 more (effectively a no-op) (detail)
  89. [lit] Extend internal diff to support -U (detail)
  90. Implement serializing scripted breakpoints and their extra args. (detail)
  91. gn build: restore tablegen restat optimization after r373664 (detail)
  92. Unbreak windows buildbots. (detail)
  93. [DAGCombiner] fold select-of-constants to shift (detail)
  94. Unbreak  llvm-clang-lld-x86_64-scei-ps4-windows10pro-fast buildbot. (detail)
  95. [clang-format] throws an incorrect assertion in consumeToken() (detail)

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