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  1. Now LLVMBuildFactory supports both a "legacy mode" with SVN checkout and (detail)
  2. This allows to use the newly added LLVMBuildFactory ability to (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [Alignment][NFC] Optimize alignTo (detail)
  2. [Driver,ARM] Make -mfloat-abi=soft turn off MVE. (detail)
  3. [llvm-ar] Make paths case insensitive when on windows (detail)
  4. [libTooling] Fix r374962: add more Transformer forwarding decls. (detail)
  5. [AMDGPU] Fix-up cases where writelane has 2 SGPR operands (detail)
  6. [RISCV] Add MachineInstr immediate verification (detail)
  7. bpf: fix wrong truncation elimination when there is back-edge/loop (detail)
  8. [Remarks] Add support for prepending a path to external files (detail)
  9. [Codegen] Adjust saturation test. NFC. (detail)
  10. [AArch64,Assembler] Compiler support for ID_MMFR5_EL1 (detail)
  11. [Remarks] Use StringRef::contains to avoid differences in error string (detail)
  12. [DWARF5] Added support for DW_AT_noreturn attribute to be emitted for (detail)
  13. [SVE][IR] Small TypeSize improvements left out of initial commit (detail)
  14. [Remarks] Fix unit test by only checking for the path (detail)
  15. [Remarks] Fix warning for ambigous `else` behind EXPECT macro (detail)
  16. [AMDGPU] Supress unused sdwa insts generation (detail)
  17. [OPENMP]Use different addresses for zeroed thread_id/bound_id. (detail)
  18. [lit] Clean up internal diff's encoding handling (detail)
  19. CombinerHelper - silence dead assignment warnings. NFCI. (detail)
  20. [lit] Fix internal diff's --strip-trailing-cr and use it (detail)
  21. [NFC][XCOFF][AIX] Rename ControlSections to CsectGroup (detail)
  22. Tag CFI-generated data structures with "#pragma clang section" (detail)
  23. [lit] Fix a test case that r374652 missed (detail)
  24. [lldb] move more things from python to cmake (detail)
  25. [SLP] avoid reduction transform on patterns that the backend can (detail)
  26. [OPENMP]Allow priority clause in combined task-based directives. (detail)
  27. Fix darwin-ld-lto test for some speical path (detail)
  28. [llvm-ar] Implement the V modifier as an alias for --version (detail)
  29. [android/process list] support showing process arguments (detail)
  30. [AMDGPU] Do not combine dpp with physreg def (detail)
  31. Replace platform-dependent `stat` with `llvm::sys::fs::status`. NFC (detail)
  32. Add arm64_32 support to lldb, an ILP32 codegen that runs on arm64 ISA (detail)
  33. [AMDGPU] Do not combine dpp mov reading physregs (detail)

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