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  1. [lldb] [doc] Status: Linux: Update the paragraph (detail)
  2. [X86] Rename matchShuffleAsRotate - matchShuffleAsByteRotate. NFCI. (detail)
  3. [X86][SSE] Add more tests showing failure to lower shuffles as bit rotations (detail)
  4. [X86][XOP] Add XOP target to vXi16/vXi8 shuffle tests (detail)
  5. libclc: Move rsqrt implementation to a .cl file (detail)
  6. libclc/r600: Use target specific builtins to implement rsqrt and native_rsqrt (detail)
  7. [X86] Remove isel patterns that include a vselect/X86selects and a strict FP node. (detail)
  8. [X86] Use MVT::i32 for the type of a MOV32r0 created in X86DAGToDAGISel::Select. (detail)
  9. [X86] Add lowerShuffleAsBitRotate (PR44379) (detail)
  10. [X86] Add flag result VT to a MOV32r0 created in X86DAGToDAGISel::Select (detail)
  11. [X86] Use custom isel for (X86sbb_flag 0, 0) so we can use 32-bit SBB for i8/i16. (detail)
  12. [X86] combineConcatVectorOps - combine VROTLI/VROTRI ops (detail)
  13. AMDGPU: Fix SI_IF lowering when the save exec reg has terminator uses (detail)
  14. AMDGPU: Remove dead kill handling (detail)
  15. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Look through casts when legalizing vector indexing (detail)
  16. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Don't mis-select vector index on a constant (detail)
  17. GlobalISel: Fix narrowing of G_CTLZ/G_CTTZ (detail)
  18. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Split 64-bit G_CTPOP in RegBankSelect (detail)
  19. GlobalISel: Fix narrowScalar for G_{CTLZ|CTTZ}_ZERO_UNDEF (detail)
  20. [DebugInfo] Add a DWARFDataExtractor constructor that takes ArrayRef<uint8_t> (detail)
  21. [RISCV] Fix incorrect FP base CFI offset for variable argument functions (detail)
  22. [X86] Use MOVZX instead of MOVSX in f16_to_fp isel patterns. (detail)
  23. [X86] Autogenerate complete checks. NFC (detail)
  24. [clang][codegen] Fix another lifetime emission on alloca on non-default address space. (detail)
  25. Fix `-Wparentheses` warning. NFC. (detail)
  26. [X86] Make (insert_vector_elt (v8i16 zerovec), i16 %x, 0) generate the same code as (v8i16 (build_vector %x, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)). (detail)
  27. [Attributor][NFC] Use existing constant instead of magic one (detail)
  28. [Attributor][Tests][NFC] Add more range tests (detail)
  29. [X86] Autogenerate complete checks. NFC (detail)
  30. [Attributor][FIX] Call right base method in AAValueConstantRangeFloating (detail)
  31. [Attributor] Look through (some) casts in AAValueConstantRangeFloating (detail)
  32. [Attributor] Allow SelectInst in AAValueConstantRangeFloating (detail)
  33. [Attributor][FIX] Remove FIXME that seems outdated (detail)
  34. [Attributor] Allow PHI nodes in AAValueConstantRangeFloating (detail)
  35. [GlobalISel][CallLowering] Tighten constantexpr check for callee. (detail)
  36. [llvm-dwarfdump][Stats] Fix the License header (detail)
  37. [Attributor][Tests] Run the CGSCC versions on the range.ll test (detail)
  38. [Attributor] Simple casts preserve no-alias property (detail)
  39. [Attributor][FIX] Make check lines explicit (detail)
  40. [AMDGPU] Add a16 feature to gfx10 (detail)
  41. [lldb] Refactored to general virtual function test (detail)
  42. [lldb] [doc] Change sample commands prefix from > to $ (detail)
  43. [CSInfo] Use isCandidateForCallSiteEntry() when updating the CSInfo (detail)
  44. [SytemZ] Disable vector ABI when using option -march=arch[8|9|10] (detail)
  45. [LLDB] Fix GCC warnings about extra semicolons. NFC. (detail)

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