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  1. GlobalISel: Start defining strict FP instructions (detail)
  2. [Darwin] Add tests for OS version checking (detail)
  3. [ObjectYAML][DWARF] Support emitting the .debug_aranges section in ELFYAML. (detail)
  4. [ObjectYAML][ELF] Let the endianness of DWARF sections be inferred from FileHeader. (detail)
  5. [CUDA][HIP] Fix constexpr variables for C++17 (detail)
  6. [gcov] Improve .gcno compatibility with gcov and use DataExtractor (detail)
  7. [gcov] Delete XFAIL: host-byteorder-big-endian (detail)
  8. Replace integer usage with enumeration. (detail)
  9. [Statepoint] Start the process of removing old interfaces (detail)
  10. [Statepoint] Delete more dead code from old wrappers (detail)
  11. [Statepoint] Remove last of old ImmutableStatepoint code (detail)
  12. [gcov] Make `Creating 'filename'` compatible with gcov (detail)
  13. [gcov] Don't error 'unexpected end of memory buffe' (detail)
  14. [libc][NFC] Add ceil[f], floor[f] and trunc[f] to the spec and config files. (detail)
  15. Utility to dump .dot representation of SelectionDAG without firing viewer (detail)
  16. [clang] Always allow including builtin headers in [no_undeclared_headers] modules. (detail)
  17. [SVE] Fix ubsan issues in DecodeIITType (detail)
  18. [VE] Change to use EXTRACT_SUBREG instead of COPY_TO_REGCLASS (detail)
  19. [X86] Remove (V)MOVHPDrm patterns that involve bitcast+scalar_to_vec+loadi64. (detail)
  20. [Inlining] Introduce -enable-npm-pgo-inline-deferral (detail)
  21. [flang] Fix IsConstantExpr for division expressions (detail)
  22. [NFCI][CostModel][AMDGPU] Simplify getUserCost (detail)
  23. [WebAssembly] Fix gcc warning [NFC] (detail)
  24. [Instruction] Remove setProfWeight() (detail)
  25. [Support][NFC] Tests for root_name(), root_directory() and root_path() (detail)
  26. [lldb] tab completion for `command script delete' (detail)
  27. Relands "[YAMLVFSWriter][Test][NFC] Add couple tests" vol. 2 (detail)
  28. [lldb][NFC] Address some review feedback for D80775 ('command script delete' completion) (detail)
  29. Extend InvokeInst !prof branch_weights metadata to unwind branches (detail)
  30. [PowerPC] Require nsz flag for c-a*b to FNMSUB (detail)
  31. Make syntax tree test print the line number when it fails (detail)
  32. [llvm-readelf] - Do not try to read past the end of the file when dumping the the SHT_GNU_HASH. (detail)
  33. [VE] Clean SDNodeXForm stuff (detail)
  34. [AMDGPU] Introduce new sched classes for transcendental instructions (detail)
  35. [AMDGPU] More accurate gfx10 latencies (detail)
  36. [StackSafety,NFC] Remove SCEVRewriteVisitor (detail)
  37. [StackSafety] Rename testing opts (detail)
  38. [clangd] Fix build for gcc 7.4 (detail)
  39. [PowerPC][NFC] Testing ROTL of v1i128. (detail)
  40. Revert "[yaml2obj] - Allocate the file space for SHT_NOBITS sections in some cases." (detail)
  41. [X86] Add test case for PR46189 (detail)
  42. [Sema] Remove unused matrix_begin/end helpers (NFC). (detail)
  43. [CSInfo][MIPS] Describe parameter value loaded by ADDiu (detail)
  44. [yaml2obj] - Add a way to exclude specified sections from the section header. (detail)
  45. Revert "[DAGCombiner] avoid unnecessary indirection from SDNode/SDValue; NFCI" (detail)
  46. [DAG] scalarizeBinOpOfSplats - extract from the source of splat vector (PR46189) (detail)
  47. [ARM][MachineOutliner] Remove unneeded dynamic allocation. (detail)
  48. [FileCheck] Implement equality operators for ExpressionValue. (detail)
  49. [ObjectYAML] - Remove unused function. NFC. (detail)
  50. [Test] Add test showing missing opportunity of folding ICmp(Phi(Consts...)) (detail)
  51. [InstCombine][NFC] Factor out constant check (detail)
  52. Add support for IntegerLiteral in SyntaxTree (detail)
  53. [gn build] port some -Wno flags for gcc from the cmake build. (detail)
  54. [ARM] FP16 conversion tests. NFC (detail)
  55. [VP][Fix] canIgnoreVectorLength for scalable types (detail)
  56. [PhaseOrdering] add more tests for vector reductions; NFC (detail)
  57. [analyzer] Ignore calculated indices of <= 0 in VLASizeChecker (detail)
  58. [OpenCL] Add cl_khr_extended_subgroup extensions. (detail)
  59. [x86] add FileCheck / assertions to test; NFC (detail)
  60. [openmp] Fixed nonmonotonic schedule implementation. (detail)
  61. [Support] Use outs() in ToolOutputFile (detail)
  62. [gn build] Port 48cd9d9dd86 (detail)
  63. [TableGen] Handle (outs variable_ops) (detail)
  64. [x86] add test/code comment for chain value use (PR46195); NFC (detail)
  65. [OPENMP]Fix PR45383: type dependent array subscripts are diagnosed erroneously. (detail)
  66. RegAllocFast: Remove dead code (detail)

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