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Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-zorg.git)

  1. Removed scei-ps4 builders. (detail)
  2. More cleaning. (detail)
  3. Removed unused code from LLDBBuilder. (detail)
  4. Cleaned from old notifiers. (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [ArgumentPromotion]: Copy function metadata after promoting arguments (detail)
  2. [lldb, tests] Correctly configure the yaml2obj paths (detail)
  3. [gcov] Delete flush_fn_list (unused since D83149) (detail)
  4. [NFC][ThinLTO] Let llvm::EmbedBitcodeInModule handle serialization. (detail)
  5. Revert D86875 "[Flang][NFC] Remove license comments from files in docs/ folder." (detail)
  6. [compiler-rt] [netbsd] Add fallback definitions for MKISCSI=no (detail)
  7. [compiler-rt] [netbsd] Improve code formatting (detail)
  8. [ImplicitNullCheck] Handle instructions that preserve zero value (detail)
  9. [Support] Use unique_function rather than std::function for ThreadPool TaskTy. (detail)
  10. [NFC] Fix whitespace in lldb-vscode --help (detail)
  11. [PGO] Skip if an IndirectBrInst critical edge cannot be split (detail)
  12. [compiler-rt] [netbsd] Update generate_netbsd_syscalls.awk (detail)
  13. [compiler-rt] [netbsd] Regenerate syscall hooks (detail)
  14. [SLPVectorizer][X86][AMDGPU] Remove fcmp+select to fmin/fmax reduction support. (detail)
  15. Revert "[Support] Use unique_function rather than std::function for ThreadPool TaskTy." (detail)
  16. [WebAssembly] Set unreachable as canonical to permit disassembly (detail)
  17. Make struct dialects have the same field name as everything else, 'dialect'. (detail)
  18. Allow Dialects to be initialized via nullptr. (detail)
  19. [gn build] (semi-manually) port 009cd4e4910 (detail)
  20. Fix operator!= for Dialects. (detail)
  21. [Hexagon] Split pair-based masked memops (detail)
  22. [SVE] Bail from VectorUtils heuristics for scalable vectors (detail)
  23. [ImplicitNullChecks] NFC: Remove unused PointerReg arg in dep analysis (detail)
  24. [libc][NFC][obvious] Remove a redudant dep of strcmp implementation. (detail)
  25. Diable sanitizer options for amdgpu (detail)
  26. GlobalISel: Combine fneg(fneg x) to x (detail)
  27. [InstCombine] Regenerate test checks (NFC) (detail)
  28. [InstCombine] Add more tests for select op replacement (NFC) (detail)
  29. [DemandedBits] Add braces to large if (NFC) (detail)
  30. [DemandedBits][BDCE] Add support for min/max intrinsics (detail)
  31. [ORC] Make MaterializationResponsibility immovable, pass by unique_ptr. (detail)
  32. [libc][obvious] Include Sqrt.h in SqrtLongDoubleX86.h. (detail)
  33. [EarlyCSE] Equivalent SELECTs should hash equally (detail)
  34. [DSE] Switch to MemorySSA-backed DSE by default. (detail)
  35. [ELF] Make two PPC64.cpp variables constexpr. NFC (detail)
  36. [flang] Fix assert on constant folding of extended types (detail)
  37. Use pragmas to work around MSVC x86_32 debug miscompile bug (detail)
  38. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Don't emit a branch for a fallthrough G_BR at -O0. (detail)
  39. Fix wrong comment about enabling optimizations to work around a bug (detail)
  40. Remove unused variable introduce in 0448d11a06b451a causing build (detail)
  41. [obj2yaml] Add support for dumping the .debug_ranges section. (detail)
  42. [lldb] Add missing LLDB_REGISTER_CONSTRUCTOR in SBPlatform (detail)
  43. [mlir][Analysis] Allow Slice Analysis to work with linalg::LinalgOp (detail)
  44. scudo: Introduce a new mechanism to let Scudo access a platform-specific TLS slot (detail)
  45. scudo: Remove the THREADLOCAL macro. (detail)
  46. Remove dependency on clangASTMatchers. (detail)
  47. Revert "[EarlyCSE] Equivalent SELECTs should hash equally" (detail)
  48. [Asan] Fix __asan_update_allocation_context (detail)
  49. [EarlyCSE] Fix and recommit the revised c9826829d74e637163fdb0351870b8204e62d6e6 (detail)
  50. libclc/spirv: Add missing files from D85911 (detail)
  51. [NFC][MLInliner] Presort instruction successions. (detail)
  52. [DebugInfo] Fixing CodeView assert related to lowerBound field of DISubrange. (detail)
  53. [EarlyCSE] Remove unnecessary operand swap. (detail)
  54. [NFC][PowerPC] Add tests of constants-i64. (detail)
  55. [Clang] Clarify __builtin_memcpy_inline documentation (detail)
  56. [CodeGen] [WinException] Remove a redundant explicit section switch for aarch64 (detail)
  57. [MC] [Win64EH] Canonicalize ARM64 unwind opcodes (detail)
  58. [MC] [Win64EH] Write packed ARM64 epilogues if possible (detail)
  59. [NewPM] Introduce PreserveCFG check (detail)
  60. [SVE][CodeGen] Fix InlineFunction for scalable vectors (detail)
  61. [mlir][Linalg] Make LinalgBaseTilingPattern not delete the original operation. (detail)
  62. [clang][Sparc] Default to -mcpu=v9 for Sparc V8 on Solaris (detail)
  63. Uncapitalize word in LanguageExtensions.rst (detail)
  64. [mlir] Fix generation of AVX512 dialect documentation (detail)
  65. [MC] [Win64EH] Fix builds with expensive checks enabled (detail)
  66. Revert "[ORC] Make MaterializationResponsibility immovable, pass by unique_ptr." (detail)

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