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  1. Revert "Revert "[gn build] (manually) port 9b6765e784b3" anf follow-ups" (detail)
  2. [gn build] (manually) merge 2124ca1d5 (detail)
  3. [gn build] Port 2124ca1d5cb (detail)
  4. lld/mach-o: Make tool scripts from 2124ca1d5cb py2.7-compatible (detail)
  5. Change name of Record::TheInit to CorrespondingDefInit to make code clearer. (detail)
  6. [HIP] Fix -gsplit-dwarf option (detail)
  7. Revert "[HIP] Fix -gsplit-dwarf option" (detail)
  8. Fixes complexity of map insert_or_assign with a hint. (detail)
  9. [ConstantFolding] add undef handling for fmin/fmax intrinsics (detail)
  10. [InstCombine] regenerate test checks; NFC (detail)
  11. [InstCombine] auto-generate test checks; NFC (detail)
  12. [MemLoc] Support bcmp in MemoryLocation::getForArgument (detail)
  13. [SCEVExpander] Support expanding nonintegral pointers with constant base. (detail)
  14. [BasicAA] Regenerate test checks (detail)
  15. [NFC][PhaseOrdering] Add test showing SROA not being performed after loop unrolling (detail)
  16. [InstCombine] Regenerate test checks (NFC) (detail)
  17. [scudo/standalone] Fix undefined behavior in checksum test (detail)
  18. align __TEXT,__unwind_info to 8 byte boundary (detail)
  19. [Local] Clean up enforceKnownAlignment() (NFC) (detail)
  20. [Driver] Add disabled-by-default -Wuse-ld-path for the deprecation warning for -fuse-ld=/abs/path (detail)

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