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Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-zorg.git)

  1. Add flang out of tree buildbot (detail)
  2. Added mail notifier for fedora-llvm-x86_64 builder (detail)
  3. Increase number of jobs from 32 to 64 for fedora-llvm-x86_64 worker (detail)
  4. mail notifier for x86_64-fedora-clang builder (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [SVE] Replace / operator in TypeSize/ElementCount with divideCoefficientBy (detail)
  2. [Coroutines] Reuse storage for local variables with non-overlapping lifetimes (detail)
  3. [lldb] Remove nothreadallow from SWIG's __str__ wrappers to work around a Python>=3.7 crash (detail)
  4. [ARM] Expand cannotInsertWDLSTPBetween to the last instruction (detail)
  5. [ARM][MVE] tail-predication: overflow checks for elementcount, cont'd (detail)
  6. [Coroutines] Remove unused includes. NFC. (detail)
  7. [obj2yaml][yaml2obj] - Stop recognizing SHT_MIPS_ABIFLAGS on non-MIPS targets. (detail)
  8. [lldb] Reference STL types in import-std-module tests (detail)
  9. [yaml2obj][obj2yaml] - Add a support for SHT_ARM_EXIDX section. (detail)
  10. [InstCombine] Add tests for vector rotate by constants with undefs. (detail)
  11. [AMDGPU] Split R600 and GCN bfi patterns (detail)
  12. [AMDGPU] Make bfi patterns divergence-aware (detail)
  13. [AMDGPU] Add bfi immediate pattern (detail)
  14. [PowerPC] Clean-up mayRaiseFPException bits (detail)
  15. [lldb][NFC] Minor cleanup in CxxModuleHandler::tryInstantiateStdTemplate (detail)
  16. [clangd] Add a tweak for filling in enumerators of a switch statement. (detail)
  17. [gn build] Port 018066d9475 (detail)
  18. [X86] Simplify broadcast mask detection with isUndefOrEqual helper. (detail)
  19. [X86] Flip isShuffleEquivalent argument order to match isTargetShuffleEquivalent (detail)
  20. [AArch64] Generate based on module flags. (detail)
  21. [SCEV] Also use info from assumes in applyLoopGuards. (detail)
  22. [InstCombine] matchRotate - allow undef in uniform constant rotation amounts (PR46895) (detail)
  23. [ARM][MVE] Enable tail-predication by default (detail)
  24. [clang] Don't emit "no member" diagnostic if the lookup fails on an invalid record decl. (detail)
  25. [clang-tidy] IncludeInserter: allow <> in header name (detail)
  26. [llvm-readobj/elf] - Fix the PREL31 relocation computation used for dumping arm32 unwind info (-u). (detail)
  27. [AMDGPU] Reformat SITargetLowering::isSDNodeSourceOfDivergence. NFC. (detail)
  28. [NFC][ARM] Factor out some logic for LoLoops. (detail)
  29. [InstCombine] matchRotate - force splat of uniform constant rotation amounts (PR46895) (detail)
  30. [TableGen] Improved messages in PseudoLoweringEmitter. (detail)
  31. [ValueTracking] Fix analyses to update CxtI to be phi's incoming edges' terminators (detail)
  32. [SVE] Lower fixed length VECREDUCE_[UMAX|UMIN] to Scalable (detail)
  33. [ARM] Added more patterns to generate SSAT/USAT with shift (detail)
  34. [llvm] Fix unused variable in non-debug configurations (detail)
  35. [ARM][LowOverheadLoops] Cleanup and re-arrange (detail)
  36. [AMDGPU] Reformat AMDGPUTargetLowering::isSDNodeAlwaysUniform. NFC. (detail)
  37. [clang][codegen] Annotate `correctly-rounded-divide-sqrt-fp-math` fn-attr for OpenCL only. (detail)
  38. Revert "Add the ability to write target stop-hooks using the ScriptInterpreter." (detail)
  39. [clangd] Add a trained DecisionForest for code completion. (detail)
  40. [ubsan] nullability-arg: Fix crash on C++ member pointers (detail)
  41. [unittests] Preserve LD_LIBRARY_PATH in crash recovery test (detail)
  42. [AArch64] Reuse map iterator instead of double lookup. NFC (detail)
  43. Add FunctionType to MLIR C and Python bindings. (detail)
  44. [clangd] Use Decision Forest to score code completions. (detail)
  45. [InstCombine] Add basic trunc(shr(trunc(x),c)) tests (detail)
  46. [GlobalISel] Combine (xor (and x, y), y) -> (and (not x), y) (detail)
  47. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Support shifted register form in emitTST (detail)
  48. [CostModel] split handling of intrinsics from other calls (detail)
  49. [CostModel] move early exit for free intrinsics (detail)
  50. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Infer whether G_PHI is going to be a FPR in regbankselect (detail)
  51. [WebAssembly] Use wasm::Signature for in ObjectWriter (NFC) (detail)
  52. [InstCombine] Add trunc(shr(trunc(x),c)) non-uniform vector tests (detail)
  53. [AddressSanitizer] Copy type metadata to prevent miscompilation (detail)
  54. [clangd] Rename evaluate() to evaluateHeuristics() (detail)

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