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Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-zorg.git)

  1. Updated requirements. (detail)
  2. [sanitizer] Remove unused ENV variables (detail)
  3. [ubsan] Use libc++ on ubsan bots (detail)
  4. Cleanup linker setup on sanitizer bots (detail)
  5. Use check-all on sanitizer bots (detail)
  6. [NFC] Format script (detail)
  7. Test clang-tools-extra with sanitizers (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [AA] Pass query info. (detail)
  2. [PruneEH] Pin tests to legacy PM (detail)
  3. [lldb] Update (detail)
  4. [lldb] XFAIL (temporarily) (detail)
  5. Support complex target features combinations (detail)
  6. [gn build] Port 00090a2b826 (detail)
  7. [MC] Add SMLoc to MCStreamer::emitSymbolAttribute and report changed binding warnings/errors for ELF (detail)
  8. [llvm] Export LLVM_LIT_ARGS in LLVMConfig.cmake (detail)
  9. [RISCV] Fix unused check prefixes in test/MC/RISCV/ (detail)
  10. Fix shared build. (detail)
  11. [test] Fix unused check prefixes in test/Linker/ and test/Other/ (detail)
  12. Fix "incorrect" assertions in Linalg/EDSC/Builders.cpp (NFC) (detail)
  13. [NFC] Don't run clang/bindings/python/tests with msan (detail)
  14. [Flang][OpenMP][OpenACC] Fix exit out of a region in OpenMP parallel construct. (detail)
  15. [MC] Fix an assert in MCAssembler::writeSectionData to be aware of errors (detail)
  16. [OpenMP][NFC] Clang format ParseOpenMP (detail)
  17. [OpenMP][Docs] Structure and content for the OpenMP documentation (detail)
  18. [NFC] Don't run python binding tests with sanitizers (detail)
  19. [llvm-readobj][test][NFC] - Use "--check-prefix" instead of "--check-prefixes". (detail)
  20. [Coroutine] Properly determine whether an alloca should live on the frame (detail)
  21. [NFC] Fix "ambiguous overload for ‘operator=’" (detail)
  22. [mlir][ASM] Refactor how attribute/type aliases are specified. (detail)
  23. [NFC] Fix "ambiguous overload for ‘operator=’" (detail)
  24. [mips] Implement, and (detail)
  25. [SCEV] Introduce SCEVPtrToIntExpr (PR46786) (detail)
  26. [SCEV] SCEVPtrToIntExpr simplifications (detail)
  27. [sanitizer] Use __atomic_load/store() built-ins for generic 32-bit targets (detail)
  28. [mlir] Add shape.is_broadcastable. (detail)
  29. [compiler-rt] Don't include libc++ headers from the source tree in MSAN (detail)
  30. [DSE] Remove noop stores after killing stores for a MemoryDef. (detail)
  31. [mlir] Add lowering for IsBroadcastable to Std dialect. (detail)
  32. [ADT] Add methods to SmallString for efficient concatenation (detail)
  33. [ARM] Additional MVE VQDMULH tests. NFC (detail)

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