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  1. Do not collapse build requests with different property sets. (detail)

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  1. [RISCV] Add test cases showing that we don't recognize the select form of NABS in SelectionDAGBuilder so we end up with branches. NFC (detail)
  2. [Hexagon] Add support for ISD::SMAX/SMIN/UMAX/UMIN instead of custom dag patterns (detail)
  3. [MS] Fix double evaluation of MSVC builtin arguments (detail)
  4. [MS] Add more 128bit cmpxchg intrinsics for AArch64 (detail)
  5. [MLIR][Affine] Add custom builders for AffineVectorLoadOp/AffineVectorStoreOp (detail)
  6. [clangd] Track deprecation of 'member' semantic token type in LSP. (detail)
  7. [libc++] Factor out common logic for calling aligned allocation (detail)
  8. [RISCV] Make SMIN/SMAX/UMIN/UMAX legal with Zbb extension. (detail)
  9. [RISCV] Add test cases to check that we use (smax X, (neg X)) for abs with Zbb extension. (detail)
  10. [mlir] Add build configuration for Quant unittest (detail)
  11. [ms] [llvm-ml] Implement the expression expansion operator (detail)
  12. [libc++] NFC: Reindent non-lockfree-atomics feature (detail)
  13. DebugInfo: remove unnecessary mtriple from test/DebugInfo/X86/abstract_origin.ll (detail)
  14. github actions: Use llvmbot token for main branch sync (detail)
  15. [SelectionDAGBuilder] Add SPF_NABS support to visitSelect (detail)
  16. [RISCV] Add an implementation of isFMAFasterThanFMulAndFAdd (detail)
  17. [NFC] Fix pattern name. (detail)
  18. Revert builtins fp16 support: tests do not pass on Mac (detail)
  19. [CodeView] Avoid emitting empty debug globals subsection. (detail)
  20. Refactor and simplify class scope name lookup. (detail)
  21. Adding PoisonValue for representing poison value explicitly in IR (detail)
  22. Part of C++ DR 39: a class member lookup is not ambiguous if it finds the (detail)
  23. [gn build] (manually) port b534beabeed3ba (detail)
  24. [mlir][sparse] add ability to select pointer/index storage type (detail)
  25. [clangd] Collect main file refs by default (detail)
  26. [gn build] sync script: handle multiple source lists if only deleting (detail)
  27. [gn build] sync script: only compute tokloc when adding files (detail)
  28. [gn build] sync script: try to make a loop clearer (detail)
  29. [lld][WebAssembly] Ensure stub symbols always get address 0 (detail)
  30. [mlir][Python] Add additional capsule interop types. (detail)
  31. [LoopLoadElim] Make sure all loops are in simplify form. PR48150 (detail)
  32. [LegalizerTypes] Add support for scalarizing the operand of an FP_EXTEND when the result type is legal. (detail)
  33. [RISCV] Remove unused PatFrag argument from the tablegen class used for c.beqz/c.bnez. NFC (detail)
  34. [IndVars] Use isLoopBackedgeGuardedByCond for last iteration check (detail)

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