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  1. [libc++] Remove now unused libc++ workers (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [VE] Add vand, vor, and vxor intrinsic instructions (detail)
  2. Simplify append to module inline asm string in IRLinker::run() (detail)
  3. [ThinLTO] Import symver directives for imported symbols (PR48214) (detail)
  4. [OpenMPIRBuilder] forward arguments as pointers to outlined function (detail)
  5. [SLP] use 'match' for binop/select; NFC (detail)
  6. Add `Operation* OpState::operator->()` to provide more convenient access to members of Operation. (detail)
  7. [mac/lld] Make --reproduce work with thin archives (detail)
  8. [PowerPC] Mark sanitizer test case unsupported for powerpc64 (detail)
  9. [LV] Epilogue Vectorization with Optimal Control Flow (Recommit) (detail)
  10. [CUDA][HIP] Fix capturing reference to host variable (detail)
  11. [CUDA][HIP] Diagnose reference of host variable (detail)
  12. [NFC][sanitizer] Fix test on 32bit platform (detail)
  13. [hip] Fix host object creation from fatbin (detail)
  14. Remove `-Wunused-result` and `-Wpedantic` warnings from GCC. NFC. (detail)
  15. [X86] EltsFromConsecutiveLoads - pull out repeated NumLoadedElts. NFCI. (detail)
  16. [X86] Regenerate 32-bit merge-consecutive-loads tests (detail)
  17. [X86] combineX86ShufflesRecursively - remove old FIXME comment. NFC. (detail)
  18. [analyzer][StdLibraryFunctionsChecker] Add return value constraint to functions with BufferSize (detail)
  19. [GWP-ASan] Fix flaky test on Fuchsia (detail)
  20. [LSR][X86] Replace -march with -mtriples (detail)
  21. [X86] EltsFromConsecutiveLoads - remove old FIXME comment. NFC. (detail)
  22. [test] Make verify-invalid.ll work with legacy and new PMs (detail)
  23. Use std::is_trivially_copyable (detail)
  24. Delete llvm::is_trivially_copyable and CMake variable HAVE_STD_IS_TRIVIALLY_COPYABLE (detail)
  25. [PowerPC] Regenerate cmpb tests (detail)
  26. [Thumb2] Regenerate predicated-liveout-unknown-lanes.ll test (detail)
  27. [LoopVectorize] Fix optimal-epilog-vectorization-limitations.ll test on non-debug build bots (detail)
  28. [lldb][NFC] Give class template pack test files unique class names (detail)
  29. [flang][NFC] Add GetTopLevelUnitContaining functions (detail)
  30. [JumpThreading][VectorUtils] avoid infinite loop on unreachable IR (detail)
  31. [XCOFF][AIX] Generate LSDA data and compact unwind section on AIX (detail)
  32. [mlir][PDL] Use explicit loop over llvm::find to fix MSVC breakage (detail)
  33. [libc++] Add slice_array operator= valarray overload. (detail)
  34. [gn build] Port a65d8c5d720 (detail)
  35. [Inline] prevent inlining on stack protector mismatch (detail)
  36. [libc] Fix couple of corner cases in remquo. (detail)
  37. [lsan] Use final on Fuchsia ThreadContext declaration (detail)
  38. [CMake][Fuchsia] Install llvm-elfabi (detail)
  39. [XCOFF][AIX] Alternative path in EHStreamer for platforms do not have uleb128 support (detail)
  40. [AArch64] Compiler-rt interface for out-of-line atomics. (detail)
  41. Update MS ABI mangling for union constants based on new information from (detail)
  42. [MLIR][NFC] Fix mix up between dialect attribute values and names (detail)
  43. [ThinLTO][test] Fix X86/nossp.ll after D91816 (detail)
  44. [dfsan] Add test cases for struct/pair (detail)
  45. Add a less ambiguous macro for Android version. (detail)
  46. [dfsan] Add a test case for phi (detail)
  47. [CUDA][HIP] Fix overloading resolution (detail)
  48. [dfsan] Test loading global ptrs (detail)
  49. [dfsan] Rename CachedCombinedShadow to be CachedShadow (detail)
  50. [CSSPGO] Pseudo probes for function calls. (detail)
  51. [libc++] Install missing packages to cross-compile to 32 bits during CI (detail)
  52. [gn build] Port 24d4291ca70 (detail)
  53. Module: Use FileEntryRef and DirectoryEntryRef in Umbrella, Header, and DirectoryName, NFC (detail)
  54. Use PC-relative address for x32 TLS address (detail)
  55. [X86] Add TLS_(base_)addrX32 for X32 mode (detail)
  56. [ConstraintElimination] Make sure arguments of std:pow match. (detail)
  57. Revert "Use std::is_trivially_copyable", breaks MSVC build (detail)
  58. ADT: Remove redundant `alignas` from IntervalMap, NFC (detail)
  59. [lldb][NFC] Make DeclOrigin::Valid() const (detail)
  60. [flang] Fix bugs related to merging generics during USE (detail)
  61. [mac/lld] Implement -why_load (detail)
  62. [lldb] X-FAIL class template parameter pack tests on Windows (detail)
  63. [NFC][MC] TargetRegisterInfo::getSubReg is a MCRegister. (detail)
  64. ADT: Rely on std::aligned_union_t for math in AlignedCharArrayUnion, NFC (detail)
  65. Revert "[mac/lld] Implement -why_load" (detail)
  66. [lldb] Return the original path when tilde expansion fails. (detail)
  67. Fix assertion in tryEmitAsConstant (detail)
  68. [scudo][standalone] Add missing va_end() in ScopedString::append (detail)

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