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  1. ARCMigrate: Initialize fields in EditEntry inline, NFC (detail)
  2. ASTImporter: Migrate to the FileEntryRef overload of SourceManager::createFileID, NFC (detail)
  3. [VE] Add vfsqrt, vfcmp, vfmax, and vfmin intrinsic instructions (detail)
  4. [libc++] Slightly improve constexpr test coverage for std::includes. (detail)
  5. [libc++] [P0202] constexpr set_union, set_difference, set_symmetric_difference, merge (detail)
  6. [libc++] Update the commented "synopsis" in <algorithm> to match current reality. (detail)
  7. [asan][test] Improve -asan-use-private-alias tests (detail)
  8. Add diagnostic for for-range-declaration being specificed with thread_local (detail)
  9. Index: Remove unused internal header SimpleFormatContext.h, NFC (detail)
  10. [test] precommit test for D92698 (detail)
  11. [clang] add a new `swift_attr` attribute (detail)
  12. [clang] add a `swift_async_name` attribute (detail)
  13. [objc] diagnose protocol conformance in categories with direct members (detail)
  14. [RISCV] Define preprocessor definitions for 'V' extension. (detail)
  15. [llvm] Update WinMsvc.cmake's fms-compatability to match llvm's prereqs (detail)
  16. Make __stack_chk_guard dso_local if Reloc::Static (detail)
  17. [lld][WebAssembly] Add suppport for PIC + passive data initialization (detail)
  18. [test] Split some tests which test both static and pic relocation models (detail)
  19. [NFC][AMDGPU] AMDGPUUsage updates (detail)
  20. [RISCV] Use fcvt.h/d/f.w if the input is an assertsexti32 not just when the input is sext_inreg. (detail)
  21. [test] Split some tests which test both static and pic relocation models (detail)
  22. [TargetMachine] Don't imply dso_local on global variable declarations in Reloc::Static model (detail)
  23. [ELF] Fix relocation-model.ll (detail)
  24. [lldb] Remove unused argument to expectedFailure (detail)
  25. [debugserver] Honor the cpu sub type if specified (detail)
  26. [builtins][ARM] Check __ARM_FP instead of __VFP_FP__. (detail)
  27. [mlir][OpFormatGen] Add support for optional enum attributes (detail)
  28. [mlir][IR] Move the storage for results to before the Operation instead of after. (detail)
  29. [RISCV] Formatting for easier reading (NFC) (detail)
  30. [IRCE] Remove unused IsSigned and its accessor (NFC) (detail)
  31. [AMDGPU] Use llvm::is_contained (NFC) (detail)
  32. [llvm-nm][MachO] Don't call getFlags on redacted symbols (detail)
  33. [TargetMachine] Delete wasm special case from shouldAssumeDSOLocal (detail)
  34. [TargetMachine][CodeGenModule] Delete unneeded ppc32 special case from shouldAssumeDSOLocal (detail)
  35. [BasicAA] Add recphi tests with nested loops (NFC) (detail)
  36. [AA] Add statistics for alias results (NFC) (detail)
  37. [clang-format] [NFC] keep clang-format tests clang-format clean (detail)
  38. [AMDGPU][MC] Corrected error position for invalid MOVREL src (detail)
  39. [AA] Initialize Depth member (detail)

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