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  1. [Hexagon] Improve legalizing of ISD::SETCC result (detail)
  2. [SLP] simplify type check for reductions (detail)
  3. [flang] Do not create HostAssoc symbols in derived type scopes (detail)
  4. [CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Pseudo probe decoding and disassembling (detail)
  5. [CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Refactor to unify hashable interface for trace sample and context-sensitive counter (detail)
  6. [CSSPGO][llvm-profgen] Virtual unwinding with pseudo probe (detail)
  7. [NFC] fix missing SectionName declaration (detail)
  8. [mlir] Correct 2 places that result in corrupted conversion rollbacks (detail)
  9. [LLD][COFF] Avoid std::vector resizes during type merging (detail)
  10. [NFC] Use correct ssa.copy spelling when referring to the intrinsic (detail)
  11. [mlir][sparse] add vectorization strategies to sparse compiler (detail)
  12. [LTO] Add test for freestanding LTO option. (detail)
  13. [flang] Fix accessibility of USEd name in .mod file (detail)
  14. [libc][NFC] add macro for fuchsia to switch test backend to zxtest (detail)
  15. Fix the warnings on unused variables (NFC) (detail)
  16. [FuncAttrs] Add additional willreturn tests (NFC) (detail)
  17. [DSE] Add tests with stores of existing values. (detail)
  18. [libc][NFC] change isblank and iscntrl from implicit casting (detail)
  19. [test] Add Clang side tests for -fdebug-info-for-profiling (detail)
  20. [NFC] Fix build break by a initializer list converting error (detail)
  21. Revert "[AsmParser] make .ascii support spaces as separators" (detail)
  22. [NewPM] Only non-trivially loop unswitch at -O3 and for non-optsize functions (detail)
  23. [SPARC] Fix fp128 load/stores (detail)
  24. Fix llvm::Optional build breaks in MSVC using std::is_trivially_copyable (detail)
  25. [NFC] Rename ThinLTOPhase to ThinOrFullLTOPhase and move it from PassBuilder.h (detail)
  26. [SystemZ]  Clear Available set in SystemZPostRASchedStrategy::initialize(). (detail)
  27. [libunwind] Unwind through aarch64/Linux sigreturn frame (detail)
  28. [flang] Add tests for procedure arguments with implicit interfaces (detail)
  29. [RISCV] Custom lower ISD::VSCALE. (detail)
  30. Fix grammar in diagnostic for wrong arity in a structured binding. (detail)
  31. [Support] On Windows, take the affinity mask into account (detail)
  32. [PowerPC] Try to fold sqrt/sdiv test results with the branch. (detail)
  33. Revert "[Support] On Windows, take the affinity mask into account" (detail)
  34. ADT: Fix reference invalidation in SmallVector::push_back and single-element insert (detail)
  35. [NFC] Remove unused entry in PassRegistry.def (detail)
  36. Revert "ADT: Fix reference invalidation in SmallVector::push_back and single-element insert" (detail)
  37. [llvm] Use *Set::contains (NFC) (detail)
  38. [llvm] Use llvm::stable_sort (NFC) (detail)
  39. [llvm] Use std::any_of (NFC) (detail)
  40. Reapply "ADT: Fix reference invalidation in SmallVector::push_back and single-element insert" (detail)
  41. ADT: Fix reference invalidation in N-element SmallVector::append and insert (detail)

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