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  1. [NFC] Minor cleanup for ValueHandle code. (detail)
  2. [mlir] Add an interface for Cast-Like operations (detail)
  3. [mlir] Add a new builtin `unrealized_conversion_cast` operation (detail)
  4. [mlir] Make MLIRContext::getOrLoadDialect(StringRef, TypeID, ...) public (detail)
  5. [mlir][OpFormatGen] Fix incorrect kind used for RegionsDirective (detail)
  6. [DAGCombiner] Precommit test case for D95086 (detail)
  7. [Clang][OpenMP] Use `clang_cc1` test for `declare_target_device_only_compilation.cpp` (detail)
  8. [lld-macho] Add dependency on ObjCARC to fix shared build (detail)
  9. Fix a bug with setting breakpoints on C++11 inline initialization statements. (detail)
  10. [MSan] Move origins for overlapped memory transfer (detail)
  11. Use CXX_SOURCES and point to the right source file. (detail)
  12. [dsymutil] Compare object modification times using second precision (detail)
  13. [RISCV] Use to regenerate check lines in vleff-rv32.ll and vleff-rv64.ll. (detail)
  14. [lldb] Upstream eCore_arm_arm64e enum value in ArchSpec (detail)
  15. [RISCV] Implement vsseg intrinsics. (detail)
  16. [RISCV] Implement vlsseg intrinsics. (detail)
  17. [RISCV] Implement vssseg intrinsics. (detail)
  18. [X86] Add experimental option to separately tune alignment of innermost loops (detail)
  19. [llvm] Construct SmallVector with iterator ranges (NFC) (detail)
  20. [Transforms] Use llvm::append_range (NFC) (detail)
  21. [llvm] Use hasSingleElement (NFC) (detail)
  22. [IndirectFunctions] Skip propagating attributes to address taken functions (detail)
  23. [yaml2obj/obj2yaml] - Improve dumping/creating of ELF versioning sections. (detail)
  24. [X86][AMX] Fix tile config register spill issue. (detail)
  25. [llvm-nm][ELF] - Make -D display symbol versions. (detail)
  26. MCDwarf: Delete uneeded parameter (detail)
  27. [mlir] Remove complex ops from Standard dialect. (detail)
  28. [LoopUnswitch] Implement first version of partial unswitching. (detail)
  29. [clangd] Fix a missing override keyword, NFC. (detail)
  30. Revert "[X86][AMX] Fix tile config register spill issue." (detail)

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