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  1. ContentCache: Simplify by always owning the MemoryBuffer (detail)
  2. [flang] Fix call to CHECK() on erroneous subroutine declaration (detail)
  3. [lldb] Don't strip LLDB.framework on install (detail)
  4. SourceManager: Simplify early returns in ContentCache::getBufferOrNone, NFC (detail)
  5. [llvm] Fix ODRViolations for VersionTuple YAML specializations NFC (detail)
  6. [test] Fix -fbasic-block-sections= test on Windows after D89500 (detail)
  7. This is a test commit (detail)
  8. Revert "This is a test commit" (detail)
  9. [Polly] Delete unused lambda capture after 7175cffb2133048018df74c1b49d1d4962ea18f2 (detail)

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