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Unstable Build #166 (Jul 11, 2020 1:37:18 AM)

  1. Reword description of ISD::BUILD_VECTOR (details)
  2. [InstSimplify] Handle not inserted instruction gracefully (PR46638) (details)
  3. Revert "[NFC] Separate Peeling Properties into its own struct" (details)
  4. [InstSimplify] Remove select ?, undef, X -> X and select ?, X, undef -> X transforms (details)
  5. Recover more gracefully from stack exhaustion during template argument (details)
  6. Revert "[lldb/API] Overwrite variables with SBLaunchInfo::SetEnvironment(append=true)" (details)
  7. [libclang] Fix crash when visiting a captured VLA (details)
  8. [opt] Remove obsolete --quiet option (details)
  9. [libc++] Make sure the ENABLE_FILESYSTEM variable is always bound (details)
  10. GlobalISel: Verify G_BITCAST changes the type (details)
  11. PR46640: Permit the first parameter of a destroying 'operator delete' to (details)
  12. sanitizers: Add interceptors for getproto{ent,byname,bynumber}_r (details)
  13. [mlir] [VectorOps] Expose lowering pass options programmatically (details)
  14. Unify the ExecutionContextScope computation in Materializer. (details)
  15. [InstSimplify] Add test cases for opportunities to fold select ?, X, undef -> X when we can prove X isn't poison (details)
  16. DAG: Remove redundant handling of reg fixups (details)
  17. Updated the list of supported platforms in LLDB to include Apple silicon. (details)
  18. [OpenMP] Initial support for std::complex in target regions (details)
  19. [gn build] Port d999cbc9883 (details)
  20. DAG: Remove redundant finalizeLowering call (details)
  21. [Sanitizer]: Require !android for protoent test (details)
  22. [NFC] Fix some docs warnings (details)
  23. [openmp] Use switch in isAllowedClauseForDirective instead of multiple if (details)
  24. [lit] Add --show-xxx command line options (details)
  25. Fix debugserver reporting of deployment target (details)
  26. [flang] Fix negative unit number hashing (details)
  27. Improve diagnostics for constant evaluation that fails because a (details)
  28. [mlir] Print 0 element DenseElementsAttr as dense<> to fix parser bugs with expected shape. (details)
  29. [Legalizer] Fix wrong operand in split vector helper (details)
  30. Add missing CMake bool canonicalizations. (details)
  31. Fix a typo in an error message. (details)
  32. [DWARFYAML][unittest] Refactor parseDWARFYAML(). (details)
  33. [ORC] Modify LazyCallThroughManager to support asynchronous resolution. (details)
  34. [libc++] Fix test failures in C++14 mode (details)
  35. [OpenMP] Make complex soft-float functions on the GPU weak definitions (details)
  36. Increase DIAG_SIZE_AST as we have hit it. (details)
  37. [X86] Remove unnecessary union from getHostCPUFeatures. NFC (details)
  38. [StackSafety,NFC] Update documentation (details)
  39. [PowerPC] Only make copies of registers on stack in variadic function when va_start is called (details)
  40. [clangd] Fix error handling in config.yaml parsing. (details)
  41. Fix return status of AtomicExpandPass (details)
  42. [MC] Simplify the logic of applying fixup for fragments, NFCI (details)
  43. [CodeGen] Matching promoted type for 16-bit integer bitcasts from fp16 operand (details)
  44. [PredicateInfo] Add additional RenamedOp field to PB. (details)
  45. [clangd] Enable async preambles by default (details)
  46. [llvm-objdump] Display locations of variables alongside disassembly (details)
  47. Correctly update return status for MVEGatherScatterLowering (details)
  48. [mlir] Add additional Canonicalization of shape.cstr_broadcastable. (details)
  49. [yaml][clang-tidy] Fix multiline YAML serialization (details)
  50. VersionPrinter - use const auto& iterator in for-range-loop. (details)
  51. Fix MSVC "not all control paths return a value" warning. NFC. (details)
  52. ConstantFoldScalarCall3 - use const APInt& returned by getValue() (details)
  53. [Coroutines] Refactor sinkLifetimeStartMarkers (details)
  54. [change-namespace][NFC] Clean up joinNamespaces (details)
  55. DebugCounterList::printOptionInfo - use const auto& iterator in for-range-loop. (details)
  56. [llvm-readelf] - Stop using 'unwrapOrError()' in 'ELFDumper<ELFT>::getSymbolVersion'. (details)
  57. [SVE] Disable some BUILD_VECTOR related code generator features. (details)
  58. [SVE] Scalarize fixed length masked loads and stores. (details)
  59. [DWARFYAML] Use override instead of virtual for better safety. (details)
  60. [clangd] Implement path and URI translation for remote index (details)
  61. Make helpers static. NFC. (details)
  62. [SCCP] Use conditional info with AND/OR branch conditions. (details)
  63. [DebugInfo] Do not hang when parsing a malformed .debug_pub* section. (details)
  64. [DebugInfo] Add more checks to parsing .debug_pub* sections. (details)
  65. [DebugInfo] Fix pessimizing move. NFC. (details)
  66. SpeculativeExecution: Fix for logic change introduced in D81730. (details)
  67. [RISCV] Avoid Splitting MBB in RISCVExpandPseudo (details)
  68. BasicAAResult::constantOffsetHeuristic - pass APInt arg as const reference. NFCI. (details)
  69. [X86][AVX] Attempt to fold extract_subvector(shuffle(X)) -> extract_subvector(X) (details)
  70. make -fmodules-codegen and -fmodules-debuginfo work also with PCHs (details)
  71. [analyzer] Add CTUImportCppThreshold for C++ files (details)
  72. OpaquePtr: Don't check pointee type for byval/preallocated (details)
  73. [BasicAA] Enable -basic-aa-recphi by default (details)
  74. Fix MSVC "not all control paths return a value" warning. NFC. (details)
  75. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Work around verifier error in test (details)
  76. [NFC] Add SExt multiuses test (details)
  77. [flang] partially revert upstreamed code to support complex values in runtime support to avoid warnings. (details)
  78. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] SPIR-V types size in bytes function (details)
  79. [PowerPC] Support PCRelative Callees for R_PPC64_REL24 Relocation (details)
  80. Fix warning caused by __builtin_expect_with_probability was not handled (details)
  81. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Conversion of SPIR-V array, runtime array, and pointer types (details)
  82. [MSP430] Align the _Complex ABI with current msp430-gcc (details)
  83. Refactored NumericLiteralParser to not require a Preprocessor (details)
  84. Revert 51b0da73 "Recommit "[X86] Merge the FEATURE_64BIT and FEATURE_EM64T bits in X86TargetParser.def."" (details)
  85. [SCCP] Move tests using only ipsccp from IPConstantProp to SCCP (NFC). (details)
  86. [PowerPC] Split s34imm into two types (details)
  87. [AliasSetTracker] More precise AAInfo intersection check (details)
  88. [compiler-rt] Better Windows support for running tests in external shell (details)
  89. [lldb] Use enum constant instead of raw value (details)
  90. [compiler-rt] [test] Use the parent process env as base env in tests (details)
  91. [runtimes] Allow passing Lit parameters through CMake (details)
  92. [compiler-rt] [test] Allow expanding lit substitutions recursively (details)
  93. [PGO][PGSO] Add profile guided size optimization tests to X86 ISel Lowering. (details)
  94. [libc++] Fix test failure in C++03 mode (details)
  95. [libc++] Move the stdlib Lit parameter to the DSL (details)
  96. [libc++] Move the long_tests Lit feature to the DSL (details)
  97. Merge TableGen files used for clang options (details)
  98. [ValueLattice] Simplify canTrackGlobalVariableInterprocedurally (NFC). (details)
  99. [Function] Lock the function when parsing call site info (details)
  100. [lldb/Function] Reflow doxygen comments for member variables, NFC (details)
  101. [libc++] Clean up some outdated documentation about running libc++ tests (details)
  102. [PowerPC] Fix test case from beb52b12cb17 (details)
  103. [X86] Directly emit X86ISD::BLENDV instead of VSELECT in a few places that were emitting sign bit tests. (details)
  104. [PGO][PGSO] Add profile guided size optimization to X86 ISel Lowering. (details)
  105. Remove unnecessary 'rm' in llvm-reduce tests (details)
  106. [X86] Immediately call LowerShift from lowerBuildVectorToBitOp. (details)
  107. [libc++] Move the enable_experimental Lit param to the DSL (details)
  108. [InstSimplify] Don't fold vectors of partial undef in SimplifySelectInst if the non-undef element value might produce poison (details)
  109. Fix [-Werror,-Wsign-compare] warnings arising from subsection symbols patch. (details)
  110. [libc++] The enable_experimental Lit feature should be False by default (details)
  111. [OPENMP50] extend array section for stride (Parsing/Sema/AST) (details)
  112. [NFC][test] Adding fastcc test case for promoted 16-bit integer bitcasts. (details)
  113. [lldb/Reproducers] Rename developer-oriented reproducer flags. (details)
  114. [LLDB/Reproducers] Add flag to avoid installing the signal handler. (details)
  115. [NFC][AArch64] Refactor getArgumentPopSize (details)
  116. [AST][test] Add regression test forPointerExprEvaluator::VisitCXXNewExpr (details)
  117. [MLIR] IR changes to add yield semantics for affine.if and affine.parallel (details)
  118. [Clang][Driver] Recognize the AIX OBJECT_MODE environment setting (details)
  119. [libc++] Get rid of the %{libcxx_src_root} substitution (details)
  120. [InstSimplify] Re-enable select ?, undef, X -> X transform when X is provably not poison (details)
  121. [SVE] Remove calls to VectorType::getNumElements from CodeGen (details)
  122. [LPM] Port CGProfilePass from NPM to LPM (details)
  123. [CMake][Fuchsia] Support for building with MSVC (details)
  124. Revert "[InstCombine] Lower infinite combine loop detection thresholds" (details)
  125. [Docs] CodingStandards: for_each is discouraged (details)
  126. [NFCI][llvm-reduce] OperandBundleCounter: drop pointless constructor (details)
  127. [NFC][llvm-reduce] Purify for_each usage in Operand Bundles into range-based for loop (details)
  128. [llvm-reduce] Reducing attributes (details)
  129. [CallGraph] Ignore callback uses (details)
  130. Revert D83013 "[LPM] Port CGProfilePass from NPM to LPM" (details)
  131. Temporarily Revert "[PowerPC] Split s34imm into two types" (details)
  132. Temporarily Revert "Fix [-Werror,-Wsign-compare] warnings arising from subsection symbols patch." (details)
  133. Revert "[CallGraph] Ignore callback uses" (details)
  134. [PredicateInfo] Print RenamedOp (NFC) (details)
  135. [DAGCombiner] add helper function to manage list of consecutive stores; NFC (details)
  136. [DAGCombiner] add helper function for store merging of constants; NFC (details)
  137. [DAGCombiner] add helper function for store merging of extracts; NFC (details)
  138. [DAGCombiner] add helper function for store merging of loaded values; NFC (details)
  139. [DAGCombiner] convert if-chain in store merging to switch; NFC (details)
  140. [AMDGPU] Return restricted number of regs from TTI (details)
  141. Recommit "[X86] Merge the FEATURE_64BIT and FEATURE_EM64T bits in X86TargetParser.def." (details)
  142. [FileCheck] Improve -dump-input documentation (details)
  143. [PowerPC][Power10] Add Instruction definition/MC Tests for Load/Store Rightmost VSX Vector (details)
  144. [Lexer] Fix missing coverage line after #endif (details)
  145. Switch to using -debug-info-kind=constructor as default (from =limited) (details)
  146. [flang] Fix a crash when creating generics from a copy (details)
  147. Revert "[Lexer] Fix missing coverage line after #endif" (details)
  148. [flang] Fix frontend build with -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=On (details)
  149. [flang] ifdef to avoid warning about supposedly dead function (details)
  150. [AArch64][SVE] Add lowering for llvm.fma. (details)
  151. Initial boiler-plate for python bindings. (details)
  152. [NFC] Extract the code to write instr profile into function writeInstrProfile (details)
  153. [NFC] Change getEntryForPercentile to be a static function in ProfileSummaryBuilder. (details)
  154. [NFC] Derive from PassInfoMixin for no-op/printing passes (details)
  155. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Add more specific debug info tests for 613f12dd8e2403f5630ab299d2a1bb2cb111ead1. (details)
  156. [MLIR][SPIRV] Support two memory access attributes in OpCopyMemory. (details)
  157. Move default argument instantiation to SemaTemplateInstantiateDecl.cpp. (details)
  158. Push parameters into the local instantiation scope before instantiating (details)
  159. PR46648: Do not eagerly instantiate default arguments for a generic (details)
  160. [Sanitizer] Update macOS version checking (details)
  161. [StackSafety,NFC] Reduce FunctionSummary size (details)
  162. [lldb] Declare extern template instantiation to fix linking issues. (details)
  163. [SCEV][IndVarSimplify] insert point should not be block front. (details)
  164. CrashTracer: clang at clang: llvm::BitstreamWriter::ExitBlock (details)
  165. [demangler] Don't allow the template parameters from the <encoding> in a (details)
  166. Add Python bindings guide. (details)
  167. [CMake][Fuchsia] Move runtimes to outer scope (details)
  168. [demangler] More properly save and restore the template parameter state (details)
  169. [NFC] Separate bitcode reading for FUNC_CODE_INST_CMPXCHG(_OLD) (details)
  170. [llvm-symbolizer][test] Fix options-from-env.test (details)
  171. [CodeMoverUtils] Move OrderedInstructions to CodeMoverUtils (details)
  172. [clangd] Factor out some helper functions related to heuristic resolution in TargetFinder (details)
  173. [RISCV] Refactor FeatureRVCHints to make ProcessorModel more intuitive (details)
  174. Add diagnostic option backing field for -fansi-escape-codes (details)
  175. [LLDB] Update AArch64 Dwarf and EH frame register numbers (details)
  176. [CodeGen] Replace calls to getVectorNumElements() in SelectionDAG::SplitVector (details)
  177. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Conversion of SPIR-V struct type without offset (details)
  178. [WebAssembly][NFC] Simplify vector shift lowering and add tests (details)
  179. [CodeGen] Replace calls to getVectorNumElements() in DAGTypeLegalizer::SetSplitVector (details)
  180. [BDCE] SExt -> ZExt when no sign bits is used and instruction has multiple uses (details)
  181. [builtins] Optimize udivmodti4 for many platforms. (details)
  182. [analyzer][tests] Measure peak memory consumption for every project (details)
  183. [analyzer][tests] Make test interruption safe (details)
  184. [analyzer][tests] Fix zip unpacking (details)
  185. [X86][AVX] Attempt to fold PACK(SHUFFLE(X,Y),SHUFFLE(X,Y)) -> SHUFFLE(PACK(X,Y)). (details)
  186. Fix check-all with -DLLVM_USE_SANITIZER=Address (details)
  187. extractConstantWithoutWrapping - use const APInt& returned by SCEVConstant::getAPInt() (details)
  188. [AMDGPU][GlobalISel] Fix G_AMDGPU_TBUFFER_STORE_FORMAT mapping (details)
  189. [LV] Pick vector loop body as insert point for SCEV expansion. (details)
  190. [clang-tidy] More strict on matching the standard memset function in memset-usage check. (details)
  191. [lldb/pecoff] Use a different llvm createBinary overload for parsing (details)
  192. [SVE] Code generation for fixed length vector truncates. (details)
  193. [NFC] Change isFPPredicate comparison to ignore lower bound (details)
  194. [X86][SSE] Use shouldUseHorizontalOp helper to determine whether to use (F)HADD. NFCI. (details)
  195. StackSafetyAnalysis.cpp - pass ConstantRange arg as const reference. (details)
  196. [clang-tidy] Use Options priority in enum options where it was missing (details)
  197. DomTreeUpdater::dump() - use const auto& iterator in for-range-loop. (details)
  198. [ABI] Handle C++20 [[no_unique_address]] attribute (details)
  199. [PowerPC] Implement R_PPC64_REL24_NOTOC calls, callee also has no TOC (details)
  200. [clangd] Config: If.PathExclude (details)
  201. Revert "[BasicAA] Enable -basic-aa-recphi by default" (details)
  202. Reland "[FPEnv][Clang][Driver] Disable constrained floating point on targets lacking support." (details)
  203. Normalize default value for -triple correctly (details)
  204. [mlir][Vector] Fold chains of ExtractOp (details)
  205. [clangd] Fix hover crash on InitListExpr. (details)
  206. [mlir][Linalg] Generalize Vectorization of Linalg contractions (details)
  207. [FPEnv][Clang][Driver] Disable constrained floating point on targets lacking support." (details)
  208. [NFCI][InstCombine] PR46661: multiple stores eligible for merging into successor - worklist issue (details)
  209. [InstCombine] After merging store into successor, queue prev. store to be visited (PR46661) (details)
  210. Reland "[InstCombine] Lower infinite combine loop detection thresholds"" (details)
  211. [clangd] Update semanticTokens support to reflect latest LSP draft (details)
  212. [PDB] Fix out-of-bounds acces when sorting GSI buckets (details)
  213. [FileCheck] Implement -dump-input-context (details)
  214. [FileCheck] In input dump, elide only if ellipsis is shorter (details)
  215. [FileCheck] Implement -dump-input-filter (details)
  216. [mlir][Vector] Add ExtractOp folding when fed by a TransposeOp (details)
  217. [DAGCombiner] move/rename variables for readability; NFC (details)
  218. [AArch64][x86] add tests for rotated store merge; NFC (details)
  219. [ARM] Add test with tcreturn and debug value. (details)
  220. [DomTreeUpdater] Use const auto * when iterating over pointers (NFC). (details)
  221. [Attributor][NFC] Update tests after recent changes (details)
  222. [ARM] Pass -verify-machineinstr to test and XFAIL until fixed. (details)
  223. Delete, since it should have happened in D82574 (details)
  224. Revert "[OpenMPOpt] ICV Tracking" (details)
  225. [LPM] Port CGProfilePass from NPM to LPM (details)
  226. [Lexer] Fix missing coverage line after #endif (details)
  227. [NFC][PowerPC] Add a new MIR file to test mi-peephole pass (details)
  228. Fix crash on `user defined literals` (details)
  229. Add kinded UDL for raw literal operator and  numeric literal operator template (details)
  230. Use FileRange::text instead of Lexer::getSpelling (details)
  231. repair standalone clang builds (details)
  232. Remove clang options that were added back when merging the TableGen files (details)
  233. Revert "[compiler-rt] [test] Use the parent process env as base env in tests" (details)
  234. [CGProfile] Fix layering, IPO depends in Instrumentation. (details)
  235. [ARM] Add Cortex-A78 and Cortex-X1 Support for Clang and LLVM (details)
  236. [IR] Disable select ? C : undef -> C fold in ConstantFoldSelectInstruction unless we know C isn't poison. (details)
  237. Re-land [CodeView] Add full repro to LF_BUILDINFO record (details)
  238. [OpenCL] Fixed typo for ctor stub name in UsersManual (details)
  239. This is a refinement on 96601ec28b7efe5abf3479a1aa91bcedb235bbbd. The intent of that change was to do the same work for the computation of the locations of the children of ValueObjectVariable as was done for the root ValueObjectVariable. This original patch did that by moving the computation from ValueObjectVariable to ValueObject. That fixed the problem but caused a handful of swift-lldb testsuite failures and a crash or two. (details)
  240. Revert "[NFC] Derive from PassInfoMixin for no-op/printing passes" (details)
  241. [PowerPC] Enable default support of quad precision operations (details)
  242. [libc] Add strchr implementation. Fixes bug in memchr. (details)
  243. [NFC] Separate Peeling Properties into its own struct (re-land after minor fix) (details)
  244. [PredicateInfo] Add test for multiple branches on same condition (NFC) (details)
  245. [Sema] Emit a -Wformat warning for printf("%s", (void*)p) (details)
  246. [lldb] on s390x fix override issue (details)
  247. AArch64: Fix unused variables (details)
  248. [mlir] [VectorOps] Allow AXPY to be expressed as special case of OUTERPRODUCT (details)
  249. [AST][ObjC] Fix crash when printing invalid objc categories (details)
  250. [ldb/Reproducers] Add YamlRecorder and MultiProvider (details)
  251. Reland [NFC] Derive from PassInfoMixin for no-op/printing passes (details)
  252. Change behavior with zero-sized static array extents (details)
  253. [mlir] [VectorOps] Merge OUTER/AXPY vector.contract lowering into single case (details)
  254. [analyzer] Silence a warning. (details)
  255. [mlir][Vector]  Add folding for vector.transfer ops (details)
  256. [FileCheck] Fix up -dump-input* docs (details)
  257. [clang-shlib] Don't link with static clang libraries (details)
  258. [Polly] Fix -polly-opt-isl -analyze (details)
  259. [Polly] Fix prevectorization of fused loops. (details)
  260. [mlir][linalg] Improve aliasing approximation for hoisting transfer read/write (details)
  261. [X86] Add isel patterns for matching broadcast vpternlog if the ternlog and the broadcast have different types. (details)
  262. AMDGPU: Remove .value_type from kernel metadata (details)
  263. Temporarily revert "[NFC] Separate bitcode reading for FUNC_CODE_INST_CMPXCHG(_OLD)" (details)
  264. [docs] LLVM Security Group and Process (details)
  265. [PDB] Attempt fix for debug-info-codeview-buildinfo.c test (details)
  266. Remove unnecessary/erroneous "static" from function templates in headers (details)
  267. [libc] [Obvious] Remove unneeded header in strchr. (details)
  268. Revert "Re-land [CodeView] Add full repro to LF_BUILDINFO record" (details)
  269. [Sanitizers] Change protoent test to check for IPv6 instead of RDP (details)
  270. [lldb-vscode] Add Support for Module Event (details)
  271. [lldb-vscode] Add Compile Unit List to Modules View (details)
  272. [lldb-vscode] Fix TestVSCode_module (details)
  273. [OpenMP] Use __OPENMP_NVPTX__ instead of _OPENMP in wrapper headers (details)
  274. [BPI] Compile time improvement when erasing blocks (NFC) (details)
  275. Revert "[lldb-vscode] Fix TestVSCode_module" (details)
  276. [COFF] Add cg_profile directive and section (details)
  277. [OpenMP][NFC] Remove unused and untested code from the device runtime (details)
  278. [openmp] Remove OMPConstants.cpp and replace it by OMP.cpp generated by tablegen (details)
  279. Fix nesting of #ifdef (details)
  280. [InstSimplify] add tests for maxnum (PR46627); NFC (details)
  281. [CodeGen] Store the return value of the target function call to the (details)
  282. Reland "[OpenMPOpt] ICV Tracking" (details)
  283. Fix build error (details)
  284. Create TestReducer pass (details)
  285. [openmp] Fix warning in generated OMP.cpp (details)
  286. [WebAssembly] Prefer v128.const for constant splats (details)
  287. Summary: [clang] Provide a way for WhileStmt to report the location of its LParen and RParen. (details)
  288. [RISCV][test] Add a test for (mul (add x, c1), c2) -> (add (mul x, c2), c1*c2) transformation (details)
  289. [PowerPC][MachinePipeliner] Enable pipeliner if hasInstrSchedModel (details)
  290. [X86][MMX] Optimize MMX shift intrinsics. (details)
  291. [HIP] Fix rocm detection (details)
  292. [lldb/Test] Fix missing yaml2obj in Xcode standalone build. (details)
  293. [OpenMP][CUDA] Fix std::complex in GPU regions (details)
  294. Fix signed vs unsigned comparison warnings a different way. (details)
  295. [OpenMP][NFC] Remove unused (always fixed) arguments (details)
  296. [OpenMP][NFC] Fix some typos (details)
  297. [OpenMP][NFC] Add convenient helper and early exit check (details)
  298. [OpenMP] Identify GPU kernels (aka. OpenMP target regions) (details)
  299. [OpenMP] Compute a proper module slice for the CGSCCC pass (details)
  300. [OpenMP] Replace function pointer uses in GPU state machine (details)
  301. Remove unused variable `KMPC_KERNEL_PARALLEL_WORK_FN_PTR_ARG_NO` (NFC) (details)
  302. [OpenMP][FIX] remove unused variable and long if-else chain (details)
  303. [clang-tidy] Reworked enum options handling(again) (details)
  304. Fix gn builds after 943660fd1 (details)
  305. Revert "Fix gn builds after 943660fd1" (details)
  306. Reland Fix gn build after 943660f (details)
  307. [gn build] (manually) merge 943660fd15f193 (details)
  308. Revert "Reland "[InstCombine] Lower infinite combine loop detection thresholds""" (details)
  309. [TRE] allow TRE for non-capturing calls. (details)
  310. [AMDGPU] Move LowerSwitch pass to CodeGenPrepare. (details)
  311. [Attributor][NFC] Add more debug output for deleted functions (details)
  312. [fix-irreducible] Skip unreachable predecessors. (details)
  313. Fix `-Wunused-variable` warnings. NFC. (details)
  314. [MLIR] Parallelize affine.for op to 1-D affine.parallel op (details)
  1. [libc++] NFC: Remove unused ability to pass additional Lit features (details)

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