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Unstable Build #2070 (Oct 29, 2020 10:34:21 AM)

  1. [VE] Support register aliases in llvm-mc (details)
  2. [VE] Add missing symbolic branch patterns (details)
  3. Revert "clang-format: Add a consumer to diagnostics engine" (details)
  4. [VE] Add missing BCR format (details)
  5. [SVE] Remove TypeSize comparison operators (details)
  6. [MLIR] Support walks over regions and blocks (details)
  7. [AMDGPU] Fix double space in disassembly of some DPP instructions (details)
  8. [AMDGPU] Fix double space in disassembly of s_set_gpr_idx_mode (details)
  9. [AMDGPU] Remove gds operand from ds_gws_* MachineInstrs (details)
  10. [libc++] Remove additional uses of std::rand() missed by 63aeadb4849d (details)
  11. [VE] Change to use integrated assembly by defualt (details)
  12. [ARM] Add IT block generation test (details)
  13. [ARM] Fix IT block generation after Thumb2SizeReduce with -Oz (details)
  14. [mlir][Linalg] Make Linalg fusion a test pass (details)
  15. [InstCombine] visitShl - ensure inner shifts have inrange amounts (details)
  16. [NFC] Add more tests for DISubprogram verifier (details)
  17. [sanitizer] Print errno for report file open failure (details)
  18. [AMDGPU] Use pseudo instructions for readlane/writelane (details)
  19. [MC] Error for .globl/.local which change the symbol binding and warn for .weak (details)
  20. [x86] add test for umul intrinsic costs; NFC (details)
  21. [AMDGPU] Add __builtin_amdgcn_grid_size (details)
  22. [X86] Add PR46393 test case (details)
  23. [mlir][gpu] Allow gpu.launch_func to be async. (details)
  24. [ThinLTO] Fix empty .llvmcmd sections (details)
  25. [nfc] [lldb] Remove excessive parentheses in SymbolFileDWARF::GetUID (details)
  26. [MemProf] Augment test to debug avr bot failure (details)
  27. Revert "[mlir][gpu] Allow gpu.launch_func to be async." (details)
  28. [AMDGPU] Fix double space in disassembly of ds_gws_sema_* with gds (details)
  29. [Support] Make Support/SwapByteOrder.h compile on Fuchsia (details)
  30. [sanitizer][fuchsia] Avoid deprecated syscall. (details)
  31. [libc++] Minor cleanup in the test suite (details)
  32. [WebAssembly] Implement SIMD signselect instructions (details)
  33. Add support of the next Ubuntu (Ubuntu 21.04 - Hirsute Hippo) (details)
  34. [MemProf] Temporarily disable test failing on a couple bots (details)
  35. [RISCV] Remove include of RISCVRegisterInfo.h from RISCVBaseInfo.h (details)
  36. [clangd] Add support for multiple DecisionForest model experiments. (details)
  37. [llvm-libtool-darwin] Add support for LLVM bitcode files (details)
  38. [InferAttrs] Add nocapture/writeonly to string/mem libcalls (details)
  39. [OpenMP] Add NULL check in dispatcher debug output (details)
  40. [sanitizer] Disable ASLR for release_shadow_space (details)
  41. [SDAG] Extract helper to get vecreduce base opcode (NFC) (details)

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