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Success Build #606 (Nov 22, 2019 11:00:28 AM)

  1. Added GitHubStatus to report build statuses to github llvm-project repo. (details / githubweb)
  2. Add Clang PPC buildbot on Red Hat. (details / githubweb)
  3. Added the first github status reporter in pilot mode. (details / githubweb)
  4. Imported status. (details / githubweb)
  1. Fix component build (details)
  2. Revert "Fix shared lib build." (details)
  3. Revert "implement printing out raw section data of xcoff objectfile for (details)
  4. [SelectionDAG] Merge the two identical ExpandChainLibCall methods from (details)
  5. bugpoint: Add option to disable attribute removal (details)
  6. AMDGPU: Split test functions to avoid dependency on subtarget (details)
  7. [clang][IFS] Driver pipeline: generate interface stubs after standard (details)
  8. Revert "[clang][IFS] Driver pipeline: generate interface stubs after (details)
  9. [lldb-server] Use LLDB_LOG_ERROR to consume Error<> even if logging is (details)
  10. [X86] Add more addcarry tests (details)
  11. [ARM][MVE] Tail predication conversion (details)
  12. Revert 1689ad27af5 "[builtins] Implement rounding mode support for (details)
  13. [NFC] Test commit. Please ignore. (details)
  14. [clang-format] [NFC] add recent changes to release notes (details)
  15. [ARM][MVE] Enable narrow vectors for tail pred (details)
  16. [APInt] add wrap support for `setBits` and `getBitsSet` (details)
  17. Reland "[clangd] Implement rename by using SelectionTree and (details)
  18. Add operator<< for object::SectionedAddress (details)
  19. Add streaming/equality operators to (details)
  20. Revert "gn build: (manually) try to merge 1689ad27af" (details)
  21. [clangd] Fix ps4 buildbot failure. (details)
  22. [clangd] More sensible output for constructors/destructors in hover. (details)
  23. Mark PR44037 tests as XFAIL on AArch64 Linux dwo (details)
  24. [clangd] Fix hover 'local scope' to include class template params (details)
  25. [kate] Add various missing keywords (details)
  26. gn build: Merge 39285a0f02c (details)
  27. gn build: Merge c0fc29c4684 (details)
  28. [libunwind] Adjust the signal_frame test for Arm (details)
  29. [ThinLTO] Make ValueInfo::operator bool() explicit (details)
  30. [RISCV] Support mutilib in baremetal environment (details)
  31. [DependenceAnalysis] Dependecies for loads marked with "ivnariant.load" (details)
  32. [clang-tidy] Added DefaultOperatorNewCheck. (details)
  33. gn build: Merge e8a4c74f115 (details)
  34. [mips] Joint MipsMemSimmXXXAsmOperand into the single template class. (details)
  35. Fix PR44001: assert failure in getFunctionLocalOffsetAfterInsn (details)
  36. [lldb] Remove ClangExpressionDeclMap::ResolveUnknownTypes (details)
  37. [X86][SSE] Remove XFormVExtractWithShuffleIntoLoad to prevent (details)
  38. [llvm-objdump] Print relocation addends in hexadecimal (details)
  39. Revert "[clang-tidy] Fix readability-redundant-string-init for (details)
  40. Revert "[clang-tidy] modernize-use-override new option (details)
  41. [clang-tidy] Fix readability-redundant-string-init for c++17/c++2a (details)
  42. [clang-tidy] modernize-use-override new option AllowOverrideAndFinal (details)
  43. [lldb] Also test Get[De]mangledName of SBType in (details)
  44. [ThinLTO] Simplify code. NFC (details)
  45. Revert "[RISCV] Support mutilib in baremetal environment" (details)
  46. [PowerPC] Regenerate vsx_insert_extract_le.ll tests (details)
  47. [ARM] Regenerate vector lane store tests (details)
  48. [NFC][X86] Fixup comment in CodeGen/X86/cmov.ll (details)
  49. [AMDGPU] Tune inlining parameters for AMDGPU target (part 2) (details)
  50. Fix modules build by adding missing includes (details)
  51. DAG: Add function context to isFMAFasterThanFMulAndFAdd (details)
  52. [lldb][NFC] Early exit in IRExecutionUnit::GetStaticInitializers (details)
  53. [clangd] Untangle Hover from XRefs, move into own file. (details)
  54. [clang-tidy] DefaultOperatorNewCheck test fixes. (details)
  55. AMDGPU: Be explicit about denormal mode in MIR tests (details)
  56. AMDGPU: Refactor treatment of denormal mode (details)
  57. [clangd] Show values of more expressions on hover (details)
  58. [ARM,MVE] Add intrinsics for scalar shifts. (details)
  59. [lldb] Add logging to IRExecutionUnit::GetStaticInitializers (details)
  60. [SLP] add test for reduction miscompile; NFC (details)
  61. Fixup AVR tests to reflect changes in addend format in llvm-objdump (details)
  62. gn build: Merge 765b1250f68 (details)
  63. [SLP] fix insertion point for min/max reduction (details)
  64. [clang-tidy] Give readability-redundant-member-init an option (details)
  65. [AIX][XCOFF] Write Function descriptors and TOC base to data section (details)
  66. [NFC] Attempting to fix sphinx build failure with badly encoded (details)
  67. [clang][NFC] Make various uses of Regex const (details)
  68. [cmake] Disable GCC 9's -Winit-list-lifetime warning in ArrayRef (details)
  69. Work on cleaning up denormal mode handling (details)
  70. gn build: Merge 7fe9435dc88 (details)
  71. [NFC] Attempting to fix sphinx build failure with badly encoded (details)
  72. Fix openmp on PowerPC64-BE-ELFv2 ABI on FreeBSD. (details)
  73. [ELF] Improve --gc-sections compatibility with GNU ld regarding section (details)
  74. [FileCheck] Use lit's internal shell for the test suite (details)
  75. [libTooling] Extend `buildASTFromCodeWithArgs` to take files argument. (details)
  76. [NFC] Refactor representation of materialized temporaries (details)
  77. [nfc][libomptarget] Write amdgcn macros in terms of compiler intrinsics (details)
  78. [OPENMP]Rename function, NFC. (details)
  79. [ELF] Disallow out-of-range section group indices after D70146 (details)
  80. clang: Add -fconvergent-functions flag (details)
  81. [Symbolizers] On Darwin compute function offset when possible. (details)
  82. [LLDB] Fix formatting in the driver (NFC) (details)
  83. [C-index] Fix test when using Debug target & MSVC STL (details)
  84. implement printing out raw section data of xcoff objectfile for (details)
  85. [ARM] Add and update a lot of VLDn tests. NFC (details)
  86. [ARM] MVE interleaving load and stores. (details)
  87. Add a "Using LLDB" section to the welcome page of the website (details)
  88. [ADT][Expensive checks] Create a std::random_device seed only once when (details)
  89. Update to fetch source from GitHub (details)
  90. MTE: add more unchecked instructions. (details)
  91. [nfc][libomptarget] Remove casts of string literals to char* (details)
  92. [SLP] fix miscompile on min/max reductions with extra uses (PR43948) (details)
  93. llvm/ObjCARC: Eliminate inlined AutoreleaseRV calls (details)
  94. [DebugInfo] Describe size of spilled values in call site params (details)
  95. fixe leak found by asan build bot (details)
  96. The patch is the compiler error specific on the compile error on CMVC (details)
  97. [profile] Unbreak Fuchsia/Windows after D68351 (details)
  98. Add a key method to Sema to optimize debug info size (details)
  99. [docs] Remove dangling parenthesis from documentation (details)
  100. [CGDebugInfo] Emit subprograms for decls when AT_tail_call is understood (details)
  101. [profile] Address unused function warnings on Windows after D69586 (details)
  102. [OPENMP50]Add if clause in simd directive. (details)
  103. Precommit test showing oppurtunity when computing exit tests of (details)
  104. Wrap C APIs with pragmas enforcing -Werror=strict-prototypes (details)
  105. [ValueTracking] Add a basic version of isKnownNonInfinity and use it to (details)
  106. [AArch64] Fix MIR test instruction to not have invalid operand. (details)
  107. [LoopPred] Generalize profitability check to handle unswitch output (details)
  108. [NFC] Factor out utilities for manipulating widenable branches (details)
  109. [clang][IFS] Driver Pipeline: generate stubs after standard pipeline (2) (details)
  110. [clang][IFS] Fixing failing bots that do not have PPC target or (details)
  111. [GuardWidening] Remove WidenFrequentBranches transform (details)
  112. Introduce llvm-install-name-tool (details)
  113. [lldb][test] Prevent \n in calls to lldb's expect() test helper. (details)
  114. [clang][IFS] Attempting to fix missing 'orbis-ld' on scei-ps4-ubuntu (details)
  115. [ARC] Add InitializePasses header to fix ARC build. (details)
  116. [tests] Autogen a test to eliminate spurious diff from following patch (details)
  117. [X86] Add custom type legalization and lowering for scalar (details)
  118. clang/Modules: Sink ASTReadResult in ReadControlBlock, NFC (details)
  119. scudo: Switch from std::random_shuffle to std::shuffle in a test. (details)
  120. [LegalizeDAG][X86] Enable STRICT_FP_TO_SINT/UINT to be promoted (details)
  121. [Reproducer] Namespace the reproducer dump options. (details)
  122. Revert "Introduce llvm-install-name-tool" (details)
  123. [clang][IFS] Fixing unsupported emulation mode on clang-ppc64be-linux (details)
  124. [LTO][Legacy] Add API for passing LLVM options separately (details)
  125. [musttail] Don't forward AL on Win64 (details)
  126. clang/Modules: Early return in CompilerInstance::createModuleManager, (details)
  127. [clang][IFS][test] Removing driver-test.c. Test is still too brittle. (details)
  128. Revert "[clang][IFS][test] Removing driver-test.c. Test is still too (details)
  129. Revert "[clang][IFS] Fixing unsupported emulation mode on (details)
  130. Revert "[clang][IFS] Attempting to fix missing 'orbis-ld' on (details)
  131. Revert "[clang][IFS] Fixing failing bots that do not have PPC target or (details)
  132. Revert "[clang][IFS] Driver Pipeline: generate stubs after standard (details)
  133. Extends the tblgen macro to allow mlir-tblgen to be installed (details)
  134. Use lld::make<T> to make TpiSource objects (details)
  135. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize FDIV64 (details)
  136. [FEnv] File with properties of constrained intrinsics (details)
  137. [FEnv] Fix AddingConstrainedIntrinsics.rst after (details)
  138. Introduce llvm-install-name-tool (details)
  139. [llvm-readobj/llvm-readelf] - Improve dumping of versioning sections. (details)
  140. ExecutionEngine: add preliminary support for COFF ARM64 (details)
  141. Reland "[clang] Remove the DIFlagArgumentNotModified debug info flag" (details)
  142. [llvm-readobj] - Improve dumping of the SHT_LLVM_LINKER_OPTIONS (details)
  143. [ExecutionEngine] Add a missing break to avoid warnings (details)
  144. [AMDGPU] add support for hostcall buffer pointer as hidden kernel (details)
  145. [lldb][NFC] Remove ClangASTContext::GetUniqueNamespaceDeclaration (details)
  146. [lldb][NFC] Remove ClangASTContext::FieldIsBitfield overload (details)
  147. [lldb][NFC] Remove ClangASTContext::GetAsDeclContext (details)
  148. [lldb][NFC] Simplify ClangASTContext::GetBasicTypes (details)
  149. Move floating point related entities to namespace level (details)
  150. [clangd] Treat UserDefinedLiteral as a leaf in SelectionTree, (details)
  151. [lldb][NFC] Remove unused ClangASTContext::GetUnknownAnyType (details)
  152. gn build: Merge ea8678d1c78 (details)
  153. [DebugInfo] Remove the DIFlagArgumentNotModified debug info flag (details)
  154. [DWARF] Add an api to get "interpreted" location lists (details)
  155. [CodeGen][NFC] Regenerate load-combine test with update_llc_test. (details)
  156. gn build: Merge 089c0f58149 (details)
  157. [AMDGPU][DPP] Corrected DPP combiner (details)
  158. [mips] Make MipsAsmParser::isEvaluated static function. NFC (details)
  159. [mips] Put conditions when we need to expand memory operand into a (details)
  160. Update tests after change to llvm-cxxfilt's underscore stripping (details)
  161. [lldb][NFC] Move ClangExpressionDeclMap's persistent decl search into (details)
  162. ARM-NEON: separate soon-to-be conflicting f16 patterns. NFC. (details)
  163. NeonEmitter: remove special case on casting polymorphic builtins. (details)
  164. ARM-NEON: make type modifiers orthogonal and allow multiple modifiers. (details)
  165. Ignore R_MIPS_JALR relocations against non-function symbols (details)
  166. [UptestTestChecks][NFC] Share some common command line options code (details)
  167. [] Add the --function-signature flag (details)
  168. Big-endian fix to DWARFDieTest (089c0f58) (details)
  169. [ARM][MVE] Select vqabs (details)
  170. [lldb][NFC] Move searching for $__lldb_class into its own function in (details)
  171. Revert "[DWARF] Add an api to get "interpreted" location lists" (details)
  172. gn build: Merge 72d2929c52a (details)
  173. [SelectionDAG] Combine U{ADD,SUB}O diamonds into {ADD,SUB}CARRY (details)
  174. [mips] Define mem_simm# operands using tblgen `foreach` loop. NFC (details)
  175. [AMDGPU][GFX10] Disabled v_movrel*[sdwa|dpp] opcodes in codegen (details)
  176. [lldb][NFC] Move searching for $__lldb_objc_class into its own function (details)
  177. [SLP] reduce duplicate CHECK lines in tests; NFC (details)
  178. Recommit "[DWARF] Add an api to get "interpreted" location lists" (details)
  179. [AIX] Lowering jump table, constant pool and block address in asm (details)
  180. gn build: Merge a03435ec8e2 (details)
  181. [clangd] Fix a crash in expected types (details)
  182. [AIX][XCOFF] Add support for generating assembly code for one-byte (details)
  183. A fix of the bug introduced by previous lowering in asm patch. (details)
  184. Rename 'DenormalMode' in to 'DenormalFPMath', as its (details)
  185. [SystemZ] Use fneg in test cases (details)
  186. [SelectionDAG][X86] Mutate strictFP nodes to non-strict in (details)
  187. [SystemZ] Avoid mixing strict and non-strict FP operations in tests (details)
  188. [FileCollector] Ignore empty paths. (details)
  189. scudo: Only use the Android reserved TLS slot when building libc's copy (details)
  190. Revert "[clangd] Fix a crash in expected types" (details)
  191. Fix parser bug that permitted 'private' as a (no-op) decl-specifier even (details)
  192. [AMDGPU] Keep consistent check of legal addressing mode. (details)
  193. [debugserver] Set arch based on TARGET_TRIPLE (details)
  194. [lldb] [test] Un-XFAIL one lldb-server test on NetBSD (details)
  195. [lldb] Fix NSURL data formatter truncation issue (details)
  196. [AMDGPU] Fixed mfma test check. NFC. (details)
  197. [CMake] Fix the path to CrossWinToARMLinux.cmake CMake cache. (details)
  198. Move widenable branch formation into makeGuardControlFlowExplicit helper (details)
  199. [X86] Mark vector STRICT_FP_ROUND as Legal instead of Custom. (details)
  200. [Hexagon] Fix two testcase errors (details)
  201. [Reproducer] Generate LLDB reproducer on crash (details)
  202. [clang][IFS] Driver Pipeline: generate stubs after standard pipeline (3) (details)
  203. [Docs] Fix Sphinx warning (treated as error) (details)
  204. [Driver] Fix missing space in lldb --help output. (details)
  205. [AMDGPU][SILoadStoreOptimizer] Merge TBUFFER loads/stores (details)
  206. Cherry-pick gtest fix for asan tests. (details)
  207. Handle the case where the 'g' packet doesn't get all regs. lldb would (details)
  208. [Reproducer] Limit signals to macro define sin <csignal> (details)
  209. [AArch64] Add the pipeline model for Exynos M5 (details)
  210. [Support][Error] Unfriend FileError. It is not special. (details)
  211. [clang-tidy] modernize-use-equals-default avoid adding redundant (details)
  212. Temporarily Revert "[SLP] allow forming 2-way reduction patterns" (details)
  213. [BPF] Fix a bug in peephole optimization (details)
  214. Temporarily Revert "Temporarily Revert "[SLP] allow forming 2-way (details)
  215. Temporarily Revert "[SLP] allow forming 2-way reduction patterns" and (details)
  216. Revert "[AArch64] Add the pipeline model for Exynos M5" as it's causing (details)
  217. gn build: check-clang depends on llvm-cxxfilt. (details)
  218. [Sema] Add a 'Semantic' parameter to Expr::isKnownToHaveBooleanValue (details)
  219. [ADT] Move to_vector from STLExtras.h to SmallVector.h (details)
  220. [MemorySSA] Update analysis when the terminator is a memory instruction. (details)
  221. [docs] Tiny rewording in the portability FAQ entry (details)
  222. Precommit tests for forthcoming widenable.condition transforms (details)
  223. Fix an offset underflow bug in DwarfExpression when describing small (details)
  224. [X86] Fix f128->i16 fptosi to promote the i16 to i32 before trying to (details)
  225. [X86] Fix i16->f128 sitofp to promote the i16 to i32 before trying to (details)
  226. [MemorySSA] Moving at the end often means before terminator. (details)
  227. [Orc][Modules] Fix Modules build fallout from a34680a33eb. (details)
  228. [Error] Remove a broken code fragment accidentally included in (details)
  229. Tablegen: Remove the error for duplicate include files. (details)
  230. Fix unused variable warning in NDEBUG mode after (details)
  231. [clang][IFS][test] GreenDragon and Fuchsia Darwin bot fix: BindArchClass (details)
  232. D'oh. Fix assert after a84922916e6eddf701b39fbd7fe0222cb0fee1d6. (Which (details)
  233. [DAGCombine][NFC] Use ArrayRef and correctly size SmallVectors. (details)
  234. [clangd] Reland b5135a86e0476: Fix a crash in expected types (details)
  235. [libcxx] Add Sergej Jaskiewicz to CREDITS.txt (details)
  236. [RISCV] Support mutilib in baremetal environment (details)
  237. [Support] Don't check XCR0 when detecting avx512 on Darwin. (details)
  238. [compiler-rt] Don't check XCR0 when detecting avx512 on Darwin. (details)
  239. [lldb][NFC] Early exit in (details)
  240. [DebugInfo] Refactor DIExpression [SZ]Ext creation into function [NFC] (details)
  241. [AMDGPU] Add attribute for target loop unroll threshold default (details)
  242. [Driver] Use VFS to check if sanitizer blacklists exist (details)
  243. [lldb][NFC] Move searching for the local variable namespace into own (details)
  244. [COFF] Widen PE32Header fields to fit 64 bit versions (details)
  245. Revert "[Driver] Use VFS to check if sanitizer blacklists exist" (details)
  246. Atomics: support min/max orthogonally (details)
  247. [OpenCL] Fix address space for base method call (PR43145) (details)
  248. Revert "[DependenceAnalysis] Dependecies for loads marked with (details)
  249. [mips] Remove addresses from the test case. NFC (details)
  250. [mips] Remove unused `IsPCRelativeLoad` MIPS instructions attribute. NFC (details)
  251. [mips] Rename test case. NFC (details)
  252. dwarfdump --statistics: Use new location list api (details)
  253. Reland 9f3fdb0d7fab: [Driver] Use VFS to check if sanitizer blacklists (details)
  254. [lldb][NFC] Move searching the ClangModulesDeclVendor into own function (details)
  255. [Driver] Fix a shadowing warning. NFC (details)
  256. [lldb][NFC] Move searching local variables into own function (details)
  257. [lldb][NFC] Remove test directory completely (details)
  258. Fix Wshadow warning against global None variable. NFC. (details)
  259. Statistic - Fix MSVC shadow warning against global PrintOnExit static (details)
  260. [DAGCombiner] Add tests for thumb load-combine. (details)
  261. Revert "[RISCV] Support mutilib in baremetal environment" (details)
  262. Make coding standards document more inclusive (details)
  263. [lldb][NFC] Reduce scope of some variables in (details)
  264. [Debuginfo][NFC] removes redundant semicolon. (details)
  265. [DeclCXX] Remove unknown external linkage specifications (details)
  266. [lldb][NFC] Move searching functions in ClangExpressionDeclMap to own (details)
  267. [lldb][NFC] Modernize string handling in (details)
  268. [LV] PreferPredicateOverEpilog respecting option (details)
  269. [DAGCombiner] Use the right thumbv7meb triple for ARM big-endian test. (details)
  270. [mips] Add a 'generic' Mips CPU (details)
  271. [OPENMP50]Add if clause in for simd directive. (details)
  272. [Hexagon] Remove incorrect intrinsic definition and invalid testcase (details)
  273. LLD: Don't use the stderrOS stream in link before it's reassigned. (details)
  274. Fix unused variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  275. [InstCombine] add assert in SimplifyDemandedVectorElts and improve (details)
  276. [OPENMP]Fix datasharing checks for if clause in parallel taskloop (details)
  277. Reduce the number of iterations in testcase. (NFC) (details)
  278. [NFC] Refactor and improve comments in CommandObjectTarget (details)
  279. Fix compilation warning. NFC. (details)
  280. [BranchFolding] Fix PR43964 about branch folder not being debug (details)
  281. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Fix symbol order in the symbol table (details)
  282. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Implement --strip-debug (details)
  283. [ELF] Error if -Ttext-segment is specified (details)
  284. [SCEV] Be robust against IR generated by simple-loop-unswitch (details)
  285. [Docs] Generate the LLDB man page with Sphinx (details)
  286. [scudo][standalone] Minor optimization & improvements (details)
  287. [SCEV] Add a mode to skip classification when printing analysis (details)
  288. [OPENMP50]Add device/kind context selector support. (details)
  289. [Tests] Autogenerate a bunch of SCEV trip count tests for readability. (details)
  290. Broaden the definition of a "widenable branch" (details)
  291. [cmake] Explicitly mark libraries defined in lib/ as "Component (details)
  292. Debug info: Emit objc_direct methods as members of their containing (details)
  293. [Test] Split up (details)
  294. [PowerPC] Add new Future CPU for PowerPC (details)
  295. [X86] Add test case for f128 fma. NFC (details)
  296. [X86] Change legalization action for f128 fadd/fsub/fmul/fdiv from (details)
  297. [JumpThreading] Refactor ThreadEdge (details)
  298. [test] Mark TestEditline as skipped with ASan. (details)
  299. [Reproducer] Instruct users to replay reproducer (details)
  300. [Reproducer] Make 'reproducer xcrash' behave the same during capture & (details)
  301. [Driver] Fix newline at the end of help output (details)
  302. [OPENMP]Remove unused template parameter, NFC. (details)
  303. Clang-trunk Generates Wrong Debug values with -O1 (details)
  304. [PGO][PGSO] DAG.shouldOptForSize part. (details)
  305. [Object][RISCV] Fix R_RISCV_SET6 and R_RISCV_SUB6 relocations resolution (details)
  306. [FileCheck] Make FILECHECK_OPTS useful for its test suite (details)
  307. Further cleanup manipulation of widenable branches [NFC] (details)
  308. [TSan] Make `mach_vm_allocate.c` test less flaky (details)
  309. [libFuzzer] Fix fd check in DupAndCloseStderr. (details)
  310. [AArch64] [FrameLowering] Allow conditional insertion of CFI instruction (details)
  311. [Object][RISCV] Resolve R_RISCV_32_PCREL (details)
  312. Early-exitify ClangASTContext::AddObjCClassProperty() (NFC) (details)
  313. [LoopPred] Robustly handle partially unswitched loops (details)
  314. [libFuzzer] Fix unwinding for Fuchsia (details)
  315. [Clang] Enable RISC-V support for Fuchsia (details)
  316. [llvm-lipo] Add support for -extract (details)
  317. [X86] Remove regcall calling convention from fp-strict-scalar.ll. Add (details)
  318. [X86] Mark vector STRICT_FADD/STRICT_FSUB as Legal and add mutation to (details)
  319. [LegalizeDAG][X86] Add support for turning STRICT_FADD/SUB/MUL/DIV into (details)
  320. [clangd] Inactive regions support as an extension to semantic (details)
  321. [libFuzzer] don't use /dev/null for DiscardOuput in Fuchsia. (details)
  322. [LoopInstSimplify] Move MemorySSA verification under flag. (details)
  323. [FPEnv] Add an option to disable strict float node mutating to an normal (details)
  324. [CFG] Add a test for a flaky crash in CFGBlock::getLastCondition(). (details)
  325. [X86] Mark fp128 FMA as LibCall instead of Expand. Add STRICT_FMA as (details)
  326. [X86] Add test cases for most of the constrained fp libcalls with fp128. (details)
  327. [analyzer] NFC: Don't clean up range constraints twice. (details)
  328. [analyzer] Fix Objective-C accessor body farms after 2073dd2d. (details)
  329. clang/Modules: Move Serialization/Module.{h,cpp} to ModuleFile, NFC (details)
  330. [RISCV] Support mutilib in baremetal environment (details)
  331. [X86] Add option 'disable-strictnode-mutation' for tests that respect (details)
  332. [PowerPC] combine rlwinm+rlwinm to rlwinm combine x3 = rlwinm x3, 27, 5, (details)
  333. [CMake] Fix LLVM build non-determinism on RHEL (details)
  334. [CFG] Fix a flaky crash in CFGBlock::getLastCondition(). (details)
  335. [lldb] Don't enable expression log in (details)
  336. [DAGCombiner] Allow zextended load combines. (details)
  337. [clang-tidy] new performance-no-automatic-move check. (details)
  338. Revert "[DAGCombiner] Allow zextended load combines." (details)
  339. gn build: (manually) merge dep from f65cfff6 (details)
  340. gn build: Merge 95fe54931fd (details)
  341. gn build: Merge aa981c1802d (details)
  342. gn build: Merge f7170d17a84 (details)
  343. [PowerPC] Implement the vector extend sign instruction pattern match (details)
  344. [DWARFVerifier] Use the new location list api (details)
  345. Test commit. (details)
  346. [lldb] Fix exception breakpoint not being resolved when set on dummy (details)
  347. [clangd] Show lambda signature for lambda autocompletions (details)
  348. [X86] Updated strict fp scalar tests and add fp80 tests for D68857 (details)
  349. [lldb] [test] XFAIL TestExpressionEvaluation on NetBSD (details)
  350. [Codegen] TargetLowering::prepareUREMEqFold(): `x u% C1 ==/!= C2` with (details)
  351. [Codegen] TargetLowering::prepareUREMEqFold(): `x u% C1 ==/!= C2` (details)
  352. [WIP][Attributor] AAReachability Attribute (details)
  353. [OpenMP][Tool] Fix cmake variable in (details)
  354. [Test] Fix freeze ocaml test failure (details)
  355. Reland "[DAGCombiner] Allow zextended load combines." (details)
  356. [OpenMP][Tool] disable archer tests in standalone build (details)
  357. Add support to find out resource dir and add it as compilation args (details)
  358. [XCOFF][AIX] Read-only data section object file generation (details)
  359. [BPF] Fix a recursion bug in BPF Peephole ZEXT optimization (details)
  360. [OpenMP][Tool] archer tests require tsan (details)
  361. [JumpThreading] Use profile data even with the new pass manager (details)
  362. [OPENMP]Fix behaviour of defaultmap for OpenMP 4.5. (details)
  363. [coroutines] Remove assert on CoroutineParameterMoves in (details)
  364. [SLP][Test] Precommit tests for D70068 and D70587. NFC. (details)
  365. [JumpThreading] NFC: Don't cache F.hasProfileData() (details)
  366. [OPENMP]Simplify processing of context selectors, NFC. (details)
  367. [WebAssembly][SelectionDAG] Remove unused (details)
  368. [SLP] Enhance SLPVectorizer to vectorize vector aggregate (details)
  369. [libTooling] Add stencil combinators for nodes that may be pointers or (details)
  370. Register Objective-C property accessors with their property decls. (details)
  371. Complete complete types early when importing types from Clang module (details)
  372. Reformat code for readability. (details)
  373. [lldb][DataFormatters] Support pretty printing std::string when built (details)
  374. [lit] Attempt to print test summary on CTRL+C (details)
  375. [APFloat] Fix subtraction of subnormal numbers (details)
  376. Don't forward __pthread_mutex_* interceptors to pthread_mutex_* version (details)
  377. Reinstate MSan suppression of PR24578. (details)
  378. [APFloat] Enlarge ExponentType to 32bit integer (details)
  379. [clang-include-fixer] Suppress cmd prompt from Vim on Windows (details)
  380. Slightly speculative buildbot fix for issue reported in 8293f74 commit (details)
  381. [DWARF] Handle call sites with indirect call targets (details)
  382. [CMake] Support installation of (details)
  383. Revert "[CMake] Support installation of" (details)
  384. [RISCV] Use compiler-rt if no GCC installation detected (details)
  385. [OPENMP] [DOCS] correct status for use_device_addr clause (details)
  386. Don't report "main" as missing a prototype in freestanding mode (details)
  387. Fix typo to separate "-x" from warning flag. (details)
  388. [Sema] Use the canonical type in function isVector (details)
  389. [libc] Add a TableGen based header generator. (details)
  390. [AArch64] Add the pipeline model for Exynos M5 (details)
  391. [CodeMoverUtils] Added an API to check if an instruction can be safely (details)
  392. [InstCombine] Fix call guard difference with dbg (details)
  393. [Diagnostics] Put "deprecated copy" warnings into -Wdeprecated-copy (details)
  394. Revert "[Sema] Use the canonical type in function isVector" (details)
  395. gn build: Merge ae8a8c2db6c (details)
  396. Reland "[CMake] Support installation of" (details)
  397. [TableGen] Add backend to generate command guide for tools using (details)
  398. Remove extraneous log enabling. (details)
  399. gn build: Merge 64ada7accbc (details)
  400. [MCA] Fix test cases (NFC) (details)
  401. [MC] Reorder MCInst fields to make sizeof(MCInst) smaller (details)
  402. [Driver] Make -static-libgcc imply static libunwind (details)
  403. [Examples] Add in_call_stack breakpoint function. (details)
  404. [Examples] Move structured-data unpacking out of the loop. (NFC) (details)
  405. Move vtordisp mode from Attr class to LangOptions.h, NFC (details)
  406. [Remarks] Allow empty temporary remark files (details)
  407. Separate the MS inheritance model enum from the attribute, NFC (details)
  408. Remove needless Attr.h include from DeclCXX.h, NFC (details)
  409. DebugInfo: Flag Dwarf Version metadata for merging during LTO (details)
  1. Added GitHubStatus to report build statuses to github llvm-project repo. (details)
  2. Add Clang PPC buildbot on Red Hat. (details)
  3. Added the first github status reporter in pilot mode. (details)
  4. Imported status. (details)

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