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  1. [LV] Epilogue Vectorization with Optimal Control Flow (details)
  2. clang/darwin: Use response files with ld64.lld.darwinnew (details)
  3. [NFC][clang-tidy] Port to Python3 (details)
  4. [BasicAA] Add test for suboptimal result with unknown sizes (NFC) (details)
  5. Let .llvm_bb_addr_map section use the same unique id as its associated .text section. (details)
  6. [libc++] Optimize the number of assignments in std::exclusive_scan (details)
  7. Revert "[LV] Epilogue Vectorization with Optimal Control Flow" (details)
  8. [LTO][NewPM] Run verifier when doing LTO (details)
  9. [ELF][test] Fix lto/version-script2.ll (details)
  10. static const char *const foo => const char foo[] (details)
  11. Argument dependent lookup with class argument is recursing into base (details)
  12. APINotes: constify `dump` methods (NFC) (details)
  13. [DAGCombiner][NFC] Replace duplicate implementation flipBoolean with DAG.getLogicalNOT (details)
  14. [gn build] sync script: try to make sync script even clearer (details)
  15. [CMake][NewPM] Move ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_NEW_PASS_MANAGER into llvm/ (details)
  16. [clang-scan-deps] Improve argument parsing to find target object file path. (details)
  17. [MLIR][LLVM] Fix a tiny typo in the dialect docs. (details)
  18. [OpenMP] Add support for Intel's umonitor/umwait (details)
  19. [LTO][wasm][NewPM] Allow using new pass manager for wasm LTO (details)
  20. Fix erroneous edit in (details)
  21. Revert "[CMake][NewPM] Move ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_NEW_PASS_MANAGER into llvm/" (details)
  22. [MLIR] Fix genTypeInterfaceMethods() to work correctly with InferTypeOpInterface (details)
  23. [LLD][ELF][NewPM] Add option to force legacy PM (details)
  24. [libc++] NFC: Remove unused macros in <__config> (details)
  25. Reland [CMake][NewPM] Move ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_NEW_PASS_MANAGER into llvm/ (details)
  26. [OpenMP51][DOCS] Claim "add present modifier in defaultmap clause", NFC. (details)
  27. RegisterInfoPOSIX_arm64 remove unused bytes from g/G packet (details)
  28. Make offset field optional in RegisterInfo packet for Arm64 (details)
  29. [lldb] [test] Reenable two passing tests on FreeBSD (details)
  30. Revert "[FastISel] Flush local value map on ever instruction" and dependent patches (details)
  31. [lld-macho] Extend PIE option handling (details)
  32. Avoid redundant inline with LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_ALWAYS_INLINE (details)
  33. [ms] [llvm-ml] Introduce command-line compatibility for ml.exe and ml64.exe (details)
  34. [libc++abi] Don't try calling __libcpp_aligned_free when aligned allocation is disabled (details)
  35. [lld][WebAssembly] Feedback from D92038. NFC (details)
  36. [clang-format] Add new option PenaltyIndentedWhitespace (details)
  37. [gn build] (manually) port 8fee2ee9a68 (details)
  38. [lld-macho] Emit STABS symbols for debugging, and drop debug sections (details)
  39. [lld-macho] Emit local symbols in symtab; record metadata in LC_DYSYMTAB (details)
  40. [lld-macho] Emit empty string as first entry of string table (details)
  41. [lld-macho] Add archive name and file modtime to STABS output (details)
  42. [lld-macho] Flesh out STABS implementation (details)
  43. [lld-macho] Add isCodeSection() (details)
  44. [mlir][PDL] Add support for PDL bytecode and expose PDL support to OwningRewritePatternList (details)
  45. [ms] [llvm-ml] Support command-line defines (details)
  46. [gn build] Manually port 8fee2ee9 (details)
  47. [gn build] Format all gn files (details)
  48. [gn build] Port 3fcb0eeb152 (details)

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