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  1. [SimplifyCFG] add tests for possible FP speculative select; NFC (detail)
  2. [SimplifyCFG] add fast-math-flags to tests for better coverage; NFC (detail)
  3. [SimplifyCFG] propagate fast-math-flags (FMF) from phi to select (detail)
  4. [Attributor] Use nofree argument attribute for heap-to-stack conversion (detail)
  5. [ConstantFold] Add some tests for binops with constants and undefs. (detail)
  6. [ConstantFold] Handle identity folds at top of ConstantFoldBinaryInst (detail)
  7. [LegalizeTypes] Merge ExpandIntRes_LLROUND and ExpandIntRes_LLRINT into (detail)
  8. [LegalizeTypes] Remove PromoteFloat support form (detail)
  9. [LegalizeTypes] When expanding the integer result of LLROUND/LLRINT, (detail)
  10. [InstCombine] prevent crashing/assert on shift constant expression (detail)

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