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  1. Revert "[Support] make report_fatal_error `abort` instead of `exit`" (detail)
  2. llc: Don't overwrite frame-pointer attribute (detail)
  3. Fix the macos build after D71575. (detail)
  4. [X86] Add 32-bit mode sse1 command line to scalar-int-to-fp.ll. NFC (detail)
  5. [X86] When handling i64->f32 sint_to_fp on 32-bit targets only bitcast (detail)
  6. [SampleFDO] Fix invalid branch profile generated by indirect call (detail)
  7. PR42694 Support explicit(bool) in older language modes as an extension. (detail)
  8. [lldb/Reproducers] Extract function for reading environment override (detail)
  9. Set some fast math attributes in setFunctionAttributes (detail)
  10. [lldb/Reproducers] Add a flag to always generating a reproducer (detail)
  11. Insert wait instruction after X87 instructions which could raise (detail)
  12. [gn build] Port 8fdafb7dced (detail)
  13. [lldb/Reproducers] Print more info for reproducer status (detail)
  14. [mlir] fix broken links to Glossary (detail)
  15. [LegalizeDAG][TargetLowering] Move vXi64/i64->vXf32/f32 uint_to_fp (detail)
  16. [DebugInfo] Simplify the constructor of DWARFDebugAranges::Range. NFC. (detail)
  17. [lldb] Fix asan failures in data-formatter-objc tests (detail)
  18. [VE] i64 arguments, return values and constants (detail)
  19. [HIP][AMDGPU] expand printf when compiling HIP to AMDGPU (detail)
  20. [gn build] Port ed181efa175 (detail)
  21. [LV] Make X86/assume.ll X86 independent (NFC). (detail)
  22. [LV] Allow assume calls in predicated blocks. (detail)
  23. clang-format: [JS] tests for async wrapping. (detail)
  24. [IR] Mark memset.* intrinsics as IntrWriteMem. (detail)
  25. [clangd] Dont display `<unknown>` kinds in hover board (detail)
  26. [Concepts] Fix ConceptSpecializationExpr profiling crash (detail)
  27. [PHIEliminate] Move dbg values after phi and label (detail)
  28. Remove release note about in-process-cc1 (detail)
  29. [lldb][NFC] Migrate several tests to expect_expr (detail)

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