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  1. [buildbot] add CMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH_USE_LINK_PATH for ML development mode (details / githubweb)
  1. [AArch64] Add getCFInstrCost, treat branches as free for throughput. (details)
  2. [IR] Delete llvm::Constants using the correct type. (details)
  3. [lldb/Scalar] Fix undefined behavior (details)
  4. [TestReturnValue] Skip based on architecutre, not platform. (details)
  5. Skip arm-(fp|gp)-read.test on Darwin. (details)
  6. Mips: Don't store MachineFunction in MipsFunctionInfo (details)
  7. PPC: Don't store function in PPCFunctionInfo (details)
  8. RISCV: Don't store function in RISCVMachineFunctionInfo (details)
  9. Sparc: Use Register (details)
  10. [BitcodeReader] Fix DelayedShuffle handling for ConstantExpr shuffles. (details)
  11. [Sanitizer] Remove obsolete assert for OS version checking on Darwin (details)
  12. [libc++] Translate the std Lit parameter to the DSL (details)
  13. [SVE] Reject vector struct indexes for scalable vectors. (details)
  14. [ASTImporter] Fix AST import crash for a friend decl (details)
  15. [clang][diagnostics] Add '-Wundef-prefix' warning option (details)
  16. [PowerPC][Power10] Add Vector Splat Imm/Permute/Blend/Shift Double Bit Imm Definitions and MC Tests (details)
  17. [X86] Use some preprocessor macros to reduce the very similar repeated code in getVPTESTMOpc. NFCI (details)
  18. split darwin-version-min-load-command.s into Arm64 subtest to avoid failures (details)
  1. [buildbot] add CMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH_USE_LINK_PATH for ML development mode (details)

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