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  1. [clang][NFC] Removed unused parameters in InitializeSourceManager (details)
  2. [flang] Improve API for runtime allocator (I/O runtime work part 3) (details)
  3. [DWARFYAML][test] Use --ignore-case to suppress errors. (details)
  4. [InstCombine] add tests to show missing one-use checks; NFC (details)
  5. [InstCombine] add one-use check to cast+select narrowing transform (details)
  6. Enable basepointer for AIX. (details)
  7. [InstCombine] Precommit tests for PR43580. (details)
  8. [SLP] Precommit test for which spill cost is computed incorrectly. (details)
  9. [ARM][HWLoops] Create hardware loops for sibling loops (details)
  10. [SLP] Make sure instructions are ordered when computing spill cost. (details)

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