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  1. Update recipe for flang-aarch64 slaves (details / githubweb)
  1. [clangd] Link libclangdSupport into clangd-index-server (details)
  2. [clang] Traverse init-captures while indexing (details)
  3. [CMake] Use find_dependency in LLVMConfig.cmake (details)
  4. [CMake] Use append for CMAKE_REQUIRED_* variables (details)
  5. [SyntaxTree][Nit] Take `ArrayRef` instead of `std::vector` as argument for `createTree` (details)
  6. [SyntaxTree] Test `findFirstLeaf` and `findLastLeaf` (details)
  7. [gn build] Port af582c9b0f3 (details)
  8. Revert "[CMake] Use find_dependency in LLVMConfig.cmake" (details)
  1. Update recipe for flang-aarch64 slaves (details)

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