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  1. [mlir][Affine][VectorOps] Fix super vectorizer utility (D85869) (details)
  2. Attempt to clear some msan errors in the libcxx atomic tests. (details)
  3. [clang][driver][AIX] Set compiler-rt as default rtlib (details)
  4. BPF: move AbstractMemberAccess and PreserveDIType passes to EP_EarlyAsPossible (details)
  5. BuildVectorType with a dependent (array) type is crashing the compiler  - Fix for PR-47542 (details)
  6. [RegisterCoalescer] Pass Undefs to extendToIndices() (details)
  7. [clang] Update warning-wall.c test (details)
  8. Ensure that we don't compute linkage for an anonymous class too early if (details)
  9. [gn build] Port 54d9f743c8b (details)
  10. Remove dependency from LLVM Dialect on the OpenMP dialect (details)
  11. [clangd] When finding refs for a renaming alias, do not return refs to underlying decls (details)
  12. [mlir][openacc] Add operation verifier (details)

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