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  1. [clang-rename] Simplify the code of handling class paritial specializations, NFC. (details)
  2. [Attributor][NFC] Make `createShallowWrapper()` available outside of Attributor (details)
  3. [lldb] Reject redefinitions of persistent variables (details)
  4. Fix typos in the documentation of dynamic values in subview ops (details)
  5. [SVE] Add fatal error when running out of registers for SVE tuple call arguments (details)
  6. [Flang][OpenMP] Rework parser changes for OpenMP atomic construct. (details)
  7. [lldb] [test/Register] Add read/write tests for multithreaded process (details)
  8. [LoopFlatten] Precommit new test cases. NFC. (details)
  9. [SyntaxTree] Improve safety of `replaceChildRangeLowLevel` (details)
  10. [SyntaxTree] Bug fix in `MutationsImpl::addAfter`. (details)
  11. [SyntaxTree][NFC] Nit on `replaceChildRangeLowLevel` (details)
  12. [InstCombine] matchFunnelShift - add support for non-uniform vectors containing undefs. (details)
  13. [LV] Unroll factor is expected to be > 0 (details)

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