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  1. [test][NPM] Fix already-vectorized.ll under NPM (details)
  2. Add alloca size threshold for StackTagging initializer merging. (details)
  3. clang/{Format,Rewrite}: Stop using SourceManager::getBuffer, NFC (details)
  4. [clang] Automatically link against oldnames just as linking against libcmt (details)
  5. [libcxx] [test] Do error printfs to stderr in filesystems tests (details)
  6. [libcxx] [test] Allow fs::permissions(path, perms, perm_options, error_code) to be noexcept (details)
  7. [libcxx] [test] Don't require fs::path::operator(string_type&&) to be noexcept (details)
  8. [libcxx] [test] Add LIBCPP_ONLY() around another test for an implementation detail (details)
  9. [libcxx] [test] Exclude domain socket tests on windows, like bsd/darwin (details)
  10. [libcxx] [test] Mark tests that require specific allocation behaviours as libcpp only (details)
  11. [libcxx] [test] Fix filesystem_test_helper.h to compile for windows (details)
  12. [libcxx] [test] Fix all remaining issues with fs::path::string_type being wstring (details)
  13. [libcxx] [test] Use _putenv instead of setenv/unsetenv on windows (details)
  14. [Intrinsics] Added writeonly attribute to the first arg of llvm.memmove (details)
  15. [NFC][SCEVExpander] isHighCostExpansionHelper(): rewrite as a switch (details)
  16. [NFC][SCEV] BuildConstantFromSCEV(): reformat, NFC (details)
  17. [NFCI][SCEV] Always refer to enum SCEVTypes as enum, not integer (details)
  18. [NPM] Port module-debuginfo pass to the new pass manager (details)
  19. [NFC] Refactor DiagnosticBuilder and PartialDiagnostic (details)
  20. Recommit "[CUDA][HIP] Defer overloading resolution diagnostics for host device functions" (details)
  21. [VE] Fix initializer visibility (details)
  22. [NFC] Inline assertion-only variable (details)
  23. [trace] rename ThreadIntelPT into TraceTrace (details)

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