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  1. [llvm] Protect signpost map with a mutex (details)
  2. [ELF] Improve R_PPC64_ADDR* relocation tests (details)
  3. [ELF] Error for out-of-range R_PPC64_ADDR16_HA, R_PPC64_ADDR16_HI and their friends (details)
  4. [ELF] Support R_PPC64_ADDR16_HIGH (details)
  5. [flang] Refine WhyNotModifiable() (details)
  6. Revert "[PDB] Defer relocating .debug$S until commit time and parallelize it" (details)
  7. [NFC] cleanup noalias2.ll test (details)
  8. Revert "[SLP]Merge reorder and reuse shuffles." (details)
  9. [NFC] Disallow unused prefixes under Other (details)
  10. [polly][NewPM][test] Fix polly tests under -enable-new-pm (details)
  11. [OPENMP]Do not use OMP_MAP_TARGET_PARAM for data movement directives. (details)
  12. [libc] Extend the current fenv functions to aarch64. (details)
  13. Ensure we don't strip the ConstantExpr carrying a non-type template (details)
  14. Revert "DR2064: decltype(E) is only a dependent type if E is type-dependent, not (details)

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