1. [ELF] Fix lld build on Windows/MinGW (details)
Commit 57776f71fa32a5b170a9ce82cb2c2da0a207908c by aykevanlaethem
[ELF] Fix lld build on Windows/MinGW
The patch in causes a build failure
because both the Defined and SharedSymbol classes are bigger than 80
bytes on MinGW 8.
This patch fixes this build failure by changing the type of the
bitfields. It is a similar change to the bitfield changes in, but instead of changing to bool I
decided to use uint8_t because one of the bitfields takes up two bits
instead of one.
Note: the patch is slightly different from the one reviewed in
Phabricator, but it is a trivial change to align it with LLVM master
instead of LLVM 9. Also, it passes all lld tests.
Differential Revision:
The file was modifiedlld/ELF/Symbols.h