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  1. [InstCombine] add test for possible cast-of-select transform; NFC (detail)
  2. Fix NetBSD bot after b4a99a061f517e60985667e39519f60186cbb469 (detail)
  3. [nfc][libomptarget] Refactor amdgcn target_impl (detail)
  4. [nfc][libomptarget] Refactor nvptx/ (detail)
  5. [InstCombine] Add test for iterator invalidation bug; NFC (detail)
  6. [InstCombine] Fix user iterator invalidation in bitcast of phi transform (detail)
  7. [InstCombine] Make combineLoadToNewType a method; NFC (detail)
  8. [InstCombine] Fix infinite loop due to bitcast <-> phi transforms (detail)
  9. [OPENMP]Improve handling of possibly incorrectly mapped types. (detail)
  10. [NewPM] Port MergeFunctions pass (detail)
  11. [OpenMP][Tool] Runtime warning for missing TSan-option (detail)
  12. [Driver] Ignore -fno-semantic-interposition (detail)

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