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Revision: 364448
  1. Reland "[LiveDebugValues] Emit the debug entry values"

    Emit replacements for clobbered parameters location if the parameter
    has unmodified value throughout the funciton. This is basic scenario
    where we can use the debug entry values.

    ([12/13] Introduce the debug entry values.)

    Co-authored-by: Ananth Sowda <>
    Co-authored-by: Nikola Prica <>
    Co-authored-by: Ivan Baev <>

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by djtodoro
  2. [Loop Peeling] Add support for peeling of loops with multiple exits

    This patch modifies the loop peeling transformation so that
    it does not expect that there is only one loop exit from latch.

    It modifies only transformation. Update of branch weights remains
    only for exit from latch.

    The motivation is that in follow-up patch I plan to enable loop peeling for
    loops with multiple exits but only if other exits then from latch one goes to
    block with call to deopt.

    For now this patch is NFC.

    Reviewers: reames, mkuper, iajbar, fhahn
    Reviewed By: reames, fhahn
    Subscribers: zzheng, llvm-commits
    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by skatkov

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